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Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

Arm lift surgery, also known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at tightening the skin and muscles in the arms. This surgery is ideal for individuals with sagging skin and adipose tissue due to aging, weight fluctuations, or excessive weight loss. The procedure often includes the removal of excess skin and fat and may be combined with liposuction for enhanced results.

Suitability For Arm Lift Surgery

  • Ideal for patients experiencing arm sagging, including those of normal weight.
  • Overweight patients with excess adipose tissue can also benefit, particularly when combined with liposuction.
  • VASER liposuction is an option if there’s no excess skin, but in cases with significant skin laxity, skin removal becomes necessary.
  • The surgery is effective for patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight, leading to increased skin sag in the arms and chest area.

Preparing For Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

Avoid smoking before surgery to reduce complications and improve scar healing.
  • The surgery typically lasts about 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.
  • An incision is made from the elbow to the armpit, and possibly extending to the chest area.
  • Post-surgery, wearing a special arm corset is recommended for optimal healing and shaping, particularly during the first month

Arm Lift Surgery With Liposuction

The amount of time and money required to complete an arm lift operation does rise when liposuction is added. Due to the fact that the process is more involved, there are more dangers involved. These include seroma development, or an accumulation of fluid in the tissues, bleeding, swelling, and pain. Because of the nearly instantaneous onset of some edema, less skin may be taken during surgery than if all of the fat had already been removed.

When liposuction is combined with surgery, the recovery period may extend slightly due to increased bruising and swelling. After an arm lift, patients usually have to wear a light compression garment for a few weeks. If liposuction is added to the operation, patients may need to wear the garment for an additional few weeks. When liposuction is combined with an arm lift, some surgeons might be more likely to utilize drains than if the arm lift is performed alone.

There shouldn’t be any more scarring from the arm lift treatment than with a brachioplasty performed without liposuction because the liposuction scars would be eliminated. When liposuction is performed alone, there is often only one small scar, located just above the elbow, which heals to nearly undetectable. For an arm lift, I usually utilize entirely hidden sutures to avoid stitch marks, which can significantly exacerbate scarring. To lessen the severity of the scars, we advise covering them with tape for a few months.

Arm liposuction alone typically causes only mild pain; most patients report more of a soreness or discomfort than actual pain. There is typically more discomfort associated with arm lifts because they are significantly more complex procedures; however, most patients only need to take pain medication for a few days. Having liposuction performed on the arms concurrently with an arm lift usually doesn’t worsen post-operative discomfort.

Post-Operative Care And Recovery

  • Normal activities can generally be resumed 7-10 days after surgery.
  • Patients are advised to avoid excessive arm movements for the first month to ensure proper healing.
  • A special arm corset is recommended for the initial recovery phase.

Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey | Before and After Results

  • Arm lift surgery can lead to significant improvements in arm appearance, offering a more toned and proportionate look.
  • Patients often experience renewed confidence, feeling more comfortable in sleeveless clothing and with their overall arm contour.
  • The results contribute to an enhanced body image and self-esteem.


Turkey stands out as a leading destination for arm lift surgery, offering world-class healthcare facilities, experienced surgeons, and competitive pricing. It’s essential to consult with a certified plastic surgeon to understand the procedure fully and ensure it aligns with your aesthetic goals. Embarking on this journey in Turkey can mark a significant step towards improved confidence and body image

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