Ayşe Gül

Hair Transplant

Ayşe Gül has graduated from university of Hacettepe faculty of general surgery in turkey .

She started working in general surgery field at many hospitals in turkey until she decided to rise up with her career to a whole different level .

She moved to Germany in order to proceed with her doctorate degree.
Ayşe received her doctorate degree from Heidelberg’s university . She focused her researches on ( infection & inflammation, brain behavior , metabolism , medical genetics and biomedical technologies .

Ayşe started working with dr Fred. Heinze in hair Transplant in Germany , that was the beginning of her strive towards hair transplant field. her experiences, strive and arty attitude makes her one of the best hair transplant doctors in turkey .

Ayşe always keep up with latest developments and equipments in hair transplant field.

Ayşe Gül believes that hair transplant field requires art , experience and researches for she strives for the best she is among them already .