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Bichectomy Surgery in Turkey

Bichectomy, also known as cheek reduction surgery, involves the removal of extra cheek fat in order to accentuate the cheekbones and maintain the natural facial proportions.

To give the face a more appealing and balanced appearance, fat is removed from the interior of the mouth. Large and bloated elements of the face that cause individual discomfort are also fixed. This method creates a slender and young appearance while highlighting the cheekbones and smoothing the face.

In order to reach the fat during the bichectomy procedure, a 100mm incision is made at this location. Roughly 40–50% of the fat is then removed.

Bichectomies are performed because having noticeable cheekbones and swollen cheeks can lower one’s self-esteem. Hollywood celebrities’ stereotypically narrow faces and prominent cheekbones are another reason why individuals opt for this kind of cosmetic surgery; as a result, many aspire to resemble the stars of their favorite TV shows and films.

Who is a Good Candidate For Bichectomy Surgery in Turkey?

-Your large cheeks’ appearance has a bad impact on you.
-You are physically active, have a normal BMI, and reasonable surgical goals.
-You don’t smoke.

Your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate you after your consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for buccal fat reduction. Additionally, keep in mind how crucial it is to be entirely truthful when answering inquiries regarding your medical and psychological background. Lying or leaving out crucial facts can be risky and unhealthy.

Bichectomy Surgery Explained

Bihectomy is a short and technically easy aesthetic-functional procedure.

And prior to the procedure, your surgeon will probably ask you to cease taking a few drugs. Blood thinners such as aspirin are among them. If you smoke, you should stop four weeks before the procedure. and make arrangements for medical exams or laboratory tests

The steps in your operation are as follows:

-Based on the surgical plan that you and your surgeon have created, this operation starts with skin lines on your lower cheekbones.
-After that, a painkiller is injected into your cheek, much like during a dental operation.
-Make a tiny incision near the upper tooth on the inside of the cheek once you’re finished.
-By using cautery, the buccal fat pad is gradually ripped off and eliminated.
-After roughly a week, the stitches used to close the wound will naturally disintegrate.

Buccal fat removal is an outpatient surgical procedure that, when not combined with other cosmetic procedures, is often carried out under local anesthetic. And it’s finished in a short amount of time. Minor discomfort results, and recovery is simple. Although you will be restricted to soft foods for a few days following surgery, bruising is uncommon and typically minor.

While your entire face continues to age and can vary as you lose or gain weight, the outcomes of your cheek fat reduction procedure, on the other hand, are permanent.

Bichectomy Surgery Risks and Side Effects

-Varying anesthesia risks
-A significant blood loss
– Issues with the heart, lungs, and blood clots, fluid buildup, and infection
– A salivary gland injury
– The face muscles can become temporarily or permanently paralyzed when facial nerve fibers are damaged.
– Anauseous or other overt abnormalities
-Wounds that are not healing  –Persistent pain
-Persistent swelling
-Undesirable visual outcomes and/or small alterations

Bichectomy Surgery Recovery Schedule

You won’t need much time to recover from your oral surgery or bicorneal resection.

A straightforward surgical treatment called buccal fat removal surgery is carried out in an outpatient surgical center.

On the same day, the patient can return home. following the treatment. The process takes between 30 and 60 minutes, but if it’s combined with another facial rejuvenation procedure, such a facelift or eyebrow lift, the whole time can be greatly extended.

Following the removal of the buccal fat pad, there is hardly any recovery period. Many patients are in good enough health to go back to work the following day. After the procedure, you might want to rest a little bit, but you should be OK the following day. Although there may be some swelling, the bruising is often slight and frequently not even noticeable.

The procedure is then performed on the other side of the face after the incision has been closed. Because most patients are awake during surgery, general anesthesia is typically not necessary, and you can leave the hospital right away.

After the fat pads on the cheeks are removed, it typically takes seven to ten days for the tissue in the mouth to repair. Therefore, for the first few days following surgery, patients might need to stick to a soft or semi-liquid diet.

Surgery is all that is required to remove cheek fat. You won’t be able to see the complete results of your procedure until the swelling goes down. This often takes 4-6 weeks to occur.

Bichectomy Surgery Cost in Turkey

You might be wondering why, in such favorable circumstances, bicornectomies in Turkey are so inexpensive. Because of the cheap cost of living, low taxes, favorable exchange rates, and government subsidies, Turkish clinics can offer high-quality care at reasonable costs.

Clinmedica also provides a comprehensive bundle at an affordable cost that includes a variety of services that would be more expensive when purchased separately.

The average cost of a bichectomy in Istanbul, Turkey, is $2,200, with a minimum cost of $2,200 and a maximum cost of $2,500. Prices could vary between cities like Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir.

The cost of a bichotomy in Turkey varies depending on the clinic, the surgeon’s qualifications, and the technique employed. You can tell the difference between these costs and those of clinics that provide this procedure in different nations. In addition to operations, Turkey offers a variety of extra services like airport transportation, translations, and more as part of its foreign experience, medical care, and surgical package.

In conclusion, Turkey will be a very good decision for you if you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery, such as a bichectomy, with many clinics that are incredible in every way.

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