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Breast Lift and Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Genetics, ageing, pregnancy and weight loss can unfortunately affect a woman’s breasts, causing them to sag and lose volume. Breast lift, or mastopexy, aims to raise sagging breasts to a higher level in the body, creating a more youthful appearance and enhancing your self-confidence. It is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours. If breast sagging is accompanied by a lack of breast volume, a silicone breast prosthesis is used during breast lift surgery. Silicone breast prosthesis can be used in low-grade breast enlargement.

Breast lift is an operation performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 3-4 hours. AN inverted T or lollipop scar is left and the nipple is moved to where it should be and at the same time the breast tissue is tightened. Silicone tubes (Drains) are placed in the surgical area to prevent blood and fluid accumulation in the early postoperative period. It is appropriate for the patient to spend at least 1 day in the hospital after the operation. Approximately 6-8 hours after the effect of anesthetic drugs can rise to the patient’s feet.

Excessive movements of the chest muscle for 2 months after surgery should be avoided. The patient can get back to his daily routine within 3-5 days. The use of a special bra that covers the breasts for the first two months contributes to breast formation. The bra also reduces the mobility of the breast and provides comfort to the patient in movements using the chest muscle.

Reasons you should consider for breast lift surgery

Many women resort to undergoing mammoplasty because they are too small or too old to cause health problems in the back and shoulders, dissatisfaction with the shape, sagging, and breast disorders after childbirth.
Factors such as being overweight, a genetic imbalance in breast and body shape, aging, and health problems can cause low self-esteem.

Patients who undergo mammoplasty recover within a week. Industrial silicone is used in breast aesthetics, by trusted doctors and they use materials that do not harm health. Artificial silicone can be removed from the body in the future if the patient wants.

Operation of breasts with sagging nipple lower than where it should be. Breast sagging may be due to genetic characteristics, and it can be seen frequently after birth and after weight loss.

The position of the nipple is the exact projection of the nipple groove while standing in an upright position. If the nipple is below this level, it is called breast sagging. Breast sagging can also be reduced with breast lift operation.

Important structure to be preserved during breast lift

The nipple is the most important structure to be preserved during a breast lift surgery. It is aimed to maintain the blood-nerve connections of the nipples in order not to lose their sensory and color characteristics. Smoking, circulatory diseases, diabetes, and prolonged use of certain medications, which adversely affect blood circulation, may cause circulatory problems in the nipple and suture areas and may adversely affect the outcome of the surgery.

During breast lift operation, some of the milk glands and milk ducts remain intact. If sagging breasts are associated with decreased breast volume, a silicone breast prosthesis is used during breast lift surgery. A low degree of breast sagging can only be achieved with a silicone breast prosthesis and breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery Techniques and Methods

The process that suits each patient is determined according to his condition. The treatment is carried out taking into account the shape characteristics that the patient wants. In this direction, applications are identified as minimizing, enlarging, lifting, etc.
Silicone can be used, or tissue is taken from the armpits, and there is no visible scar on the chest after the operation in this cosmetic way.

  • Breast reduction surgery
    Breast reduction is a common operation like breast augmentation. A woman who complains of large breasts, inconsistency with her body, back and shoulder pain, submits to it. During the surgery, the excess breast tissue and skin are removed. Breast shape becomes more beautiful after breast reduction surgery.
  • Breast augmentation surgery
    Artificial silicone is used in breast enlargement operations and it does not affect pregnancy and breastfeeding women, as it is placed at the point that does not affect the milk glands. Silicone prostheses can be placed on the chest from different points: it may be under the breast and under the armpit.

There are many hospitals that perform breast augmentation. But; It should be noted that the synthetic silicone used is very important and may threaten the patient’s health if the incorrect material is used. for this reason; Untrusted centers should be avoided.

  • Breast lift operation
    Breasts may sag due to age, pregnancy, and use of the wrong bra, nipple drooping downward. These changes cause unhappiness and a lack of self-confidence in women.
    Before the breast lift operation, it determines the appearance that the patient wants. If the patient suffers from sagging and small breast size, the breast is lifted and enlarged with artificial silicone.

Breast plastic surgery after breast cancer

Early diagnosis is very important in breast cancer as the disease can be treated without causing breast loss. But if the disease is detected in the late stages, the only solution is a mastectomy.
It is extremely important to keep patient morale high after treatment and recovery. Breast aesthetic design can be performed after breast cancer and mastectomy.

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