Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation: As fat is usually harvested from the waist and injected in the buttocks, the anatomy of the back, waist, butt and hip is often evaluated as a whole.

Buttock Augmentation surgery

Buttock Augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1.5-2 hours. Its usually administered together with VASER liposuction. It is recommended to wear a corset for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Usual activity could be resumed within 3 days.

In cases where fat deposits are insufficient, a prosthesis made of silicone could be used. Butt aesthetic surgery with a butt prosthesis takes approximately 2-3 hours. The duration of hospitalization after the operation is 1 day. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 4-7 hours. While 7-10 rest days are ideal, you can resume normal activity within 5 days. After 1 week, flying in a plane is allowed. No trace will be left as the incision is made across the fold site.

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