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Calf Aesthetics Surgery in Turkey | Reduction and Augmentation 

The surgeries for the problems of excessive thinning of the legs, excessive bends, and excessive fat accumulation on the knees and ankles are known as leg aesthetics. Deformities in the calf region negatively affect the choice of clothing.

Excessive fat accumulation on the knees and ankles is known as calf aesthetics. These distortions affect the calf’s aesthetics, which negatively affects the choice of clothing.

liposuction and fat injection, filler injection, calf implant, etc. methods are used. These methods sometimes need to be applied alone or sometimes combined. Leg prosthesis operation and filling applications may be recommended in patients with a difference in thickness or shape between the two legs or in those with a distorted appearance.

Ready-made fillers can be used, as is the use of fillers or oil injections. In some cases, both liposuction and leg prosthesis should be applied together.

The implants used for this purpose are made of silicone with a gel-like consistency wrapped with an outer envelope, such as prostheses used for breast augmentation. Once placed, it can remain in the body for life and has no harm. Surgery is performed under spinal, epidural or general anesthesia

. A 3 cm incision is made on the inside of the back of the leg, which corresponds to the skin lines just behind the knee. Since this incision coincides with the fold area, the scar is hidden.

Duration of the galf aesthetics operation

The Calf Aesthetics operation lasts for 1-2 hours. The stitches are hidden stitches and need not be removed. Varicose stockings should be used for the first 2 weeks after the operation.

It is recommended to avoid heavy exercise in the first month. We can say that our patients who feel free to choose clothes after this operation are also very happy psychologically.

Aside from the silicone prosthesis, other common applications are oil injection or filler injection. The filling application procedure is applied under local anesthesia. When necessary, filler injection is performed and patients can return to normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Because of the application of filling under local anesthesia and rapid return to social life, the preference of the patients is also in this direction.

Reasons why patients seek leg surgery

Patients resort to leg surgery if they suffer from a small or large calf in relation to their normal size. This also includes patients who suffer from muscle or fatty tissue changes in the calf area. In addition, calf deformities may be caused by various diseases, where the resulting deformities reach a large extent, those deformities may be asymmetric between the two sides.

Among the diseases that cause muscle changes in the calf

  • Clubfoot
  • spasticity
  • poliomyelitis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Various injuries, including burns, extensive trauma, fractures, nerve injuries associated with muscle loss (muscular dystrophy).

Lipoedema (a type of lipoma)

Patients undergo leg surgery in many cases for purely cosmetic reasons. Some patients see that the leg or calf specifically “has a small or very large size.” If the condition is somewhat reasonable from the outward side in the sense that the leg is actually small or very large, and the condition is associated at the same time with psychological distress and is defined by social activity (corresponding to the severity of the condition) then leg surgery can improve the quality of life that patients enjoy in a way. big.

Before making a decision regarding calf surgery, we must determine whether the increase in calf measurement is due to an increase in muscle mass or from a build-up of fat. This can be easily determined by pinching your skin with subcutaneous fatty tissue.

All that can be clamped between your fingers is fatty tissue. If you are able to clamp 1-0.5 centimeters of fat tissue (adipose tissue), then calf surgery aimed at reducing it through liposuction is meaningless, as the calf’s enlargement is caused by muscle hypertrophy.

Recommended excercises to correct the aesthetic shape of the leg

The shape of the leg can be improved by relying on doing some sports or abstaining from it, for example, standing on the toes with or without weights, climbing stairs, walking, and jumping all have in common their ability to build calf muscles. If your calf muscles are small, then you should Intensify and increase the intensity of the mentioned exercises. On the contrary, if your calf muscles are bulky, you should avoid these types of exercises.

Calf Muscle Reduction Surgery

The most beneficial way is to excise the calf muscle (the gastrocnemius muscle), and for the partial resection it is less effective, there is an additional option available is cutting the innervation of the muscle.

These surgical methods aimed at correcting the calf (which also includes botox injections to reduce the leg) are considered safe in that they do not have a “negative” effect on the long-term function of the leg, as the calf muscle, despite its size, is classified as a support muscle, and other muscles can Netting in the event of her absence and carrying out the tasks assigned to her.

Leg augmentation: This process is done by using silicone implants, hyaluronic acid (and its effect lasts about a year and a half), or self-fat implantation from your own body.