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How to choose a clinic for your Hair Transplant

Here, we will write about the choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. From every spot on Earth, almost 6 out of 10 men and 5 out of 10 women struggle. with hereditary androgenic hair shedding which is the utmost cause for hair loss. It is not the only reason that weakens hair follicles though. but along with other external or internal causes can lead to unrecoverable hair loss. That creates a lack of confidence and psychological problems over time.

How To Choose A Clinic For Your Hair Transplant

Since medications and herbal therapies, the effect on the hair is only temporal. so that’s where the rule of hair transplant Turkey comes in which long-practiced and well-reputational hands exist. To guarantee high rates of success for hair transplantation. as the permanent solution of restoring the lost hair along the past years of hair shedding.

Thanks to the latest innovative method of FUE. we have been conducting it over the last 10-15 years. Which is an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It is an easier hair transplantation method that has been in clinmedica brought up. To be in use that delivers quicker recovery for the donor area. We graft the hair in the best place for hair transplant in Turkey. Since each we take graft individually with needleless injection of local anesthesia with no pain. We utilize that during FUE transplantation of the hair which yields no scars in any area. Therefore, when you choose to get your hair transplant turkey surgery in an accredited clinic. By the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Turkey Such clinic as ClinMedica. Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It Pays attention to the smallest details of hair transplant surgery. to guarantee successful and natural results of the transplantation of the hair by FUE.

Clinmedica, which is Turkey best hair transplant clinic, takes care of its clients. Who come from all destinations to Turkey especially Istanbul. to attain hair transplants of various versions of FUE transplantation operations. Such small details include the graft extent of hair follicles for transplant. Which ranges from 1 to 4 hair shafts precisely. The canals create in the recipient area for the hair grafts to be transplanted inside. Which the doctor does on his or her own to determine the appropriate number of hair grafts. Which they need it to accomplish the maximum number of grafts per hair transplant session. Providing a restricted hygienic environment that applies the safety measures during Covid-19. Taking care of acknowledging its clients. with full guidance of pre and after-care of hair transplant turkey procedure by a well-trained follow-up team. Which all in sum serve as important factors that rule the art of hair transplant turkey procedures. Therefore undertaking the contentment and safety of its hair transplant clients for implantation of their hair in Turkey.

With successful results as follicular unit extraction technique, we perform only within 6-8 hours at max. So it became more convenient with more applicable prospects. That permits the clients to enjoy their hair transplant turkey experience more. In one of the most beautiful cities in the world Istanbul. Which is clings to both Europe and Asia and only a couple of hours away from most countries. Which means a reachable trip with unforgettable memories besides having a hair transplant operation. In addition, going around to exciting sites with the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. All that is with the most affordable price due to the low currency exchange rate. Also with the minimum cost ever when we compare it to other countries. Alopecia is the term, that we use to describe hair loss patterns, includes both hair loss of Male Pattern Androgenic (MAGA) and Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). Which consists of three main types of general hair loss.

Have you searched well for hair transplantation in Turkey?

So whether one of those three conditions is present. Alternatively, in case of scar or burn presence hair transplant in Turkey is urgently needed to cover. those flaws perfectly as it’s well known for its warranted results.

In addition, when it comes to Hair loss we also regard ethnicity as one of the key factors. That plays a major role in the ratio of androgenic alopecia in dispersion through people. For example, the highest ratio of hair loss is amongst Caucasians.

Thereafter the Afro Hair Transplant-Caribbeans and the third place with the lowest grade of hair loss goes for the Asian men.

Some other roles are attributed to an increase in hair loss generally. For instance, processed food environmental circumstances chemical substances certain drugs. Which all have increased dramatically over the last years.

As alopecia already results from a hereditary defect of the androgen receptor gene that exists on chromosome X increasing in age affects it negatively. Therefore, that’s why Hair transplants in Turkey by professionals and of long years of experienced doctors. FUE hair transplantation in our clinic serves as the only genuine rewinding strategy. For this ultimate insecure problem of hair loss for most people around the world. As it is the only permanent solution that lasts throughout a person’s life. Unlike other herbal, topical, or drug-induced treatments, which have only temporal effects.

FUE Hair transplant in Turkey has been widely developed and massively processed in our clinic. It does not only treat hair loss on the scalp. but it is also used for the transplantation and treatment of beard moustache eyebrow eyelash hair loss.

Did you know that the method of hair transplantation is very important to ensure hair growth?

Over the last decade, a breakthrough addition to the classical Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) has emerged. as an ideal pattern for conducting hair transplant procedures in Turkey. which we call Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). That method kept in rapid and constant developments so giving the factors.

This made Turkey especially its capital city Istanbul, the number one reputed and most powerful region regarding hair transplant procedures. In terms of high-quality outcomes and low-cost prices with revolutionized instruments. Which acts as a big draw for hair transplant procedures for many candidates from all over different nations.

That is combined with increasing the experience of doctors and medical staff. who perform hair transplant surgeries due to rising demand from people and increasing the number of hair transplant procedures.

Which is performed constantly every single day in Turkey at a professional clinic such as Clinmedica. Which is the best hair clinic in Istanbul. That is aligned with the contemporary increase in the number of medical field graduates in Turkey.

particularly in one of the largest cities in the world. Istanbul is considered the fifth most occupational city in the world in respect. With the presence of a very high population within city boundaries with a very high distribution of medical faculties and facilities.

That all made it easier for the offspring of highly statistics surgeons who have long experience specializing in hair transplants. Turkey Surgery provides the most reasonable prices in the world for hair transplantation and restoration procedures. They can achieve clients ‘contentment by making careful efforts to examine the hair. In addition, paying meticulous attention to each phase of the hair transplant procedure in ClinMedica.

Including Blood analysis before having the FUE hair transplant. To ensure that the patient has no blood-borne viruses and to check for any nutrient deficiencies. In addition, another blood sample is taken later for centrifugation to be used in PRP injection during the surgery. Which is already included in the package. We provide for the hair transplant procedure at our clinic of Clinmedica in Turkey Istanbul.

Therefore, it would cost less than taking it individually. In addition, Hair shaving and Artistic hairline design are done with careful and precise hands in ClinMedica. Because we know that the smallest details count for the succession of FUE in the best hair transplant clinic. We extract the roots using micro punches. with the right angulation and diameter according to the hair graft size determination.

Conclusion-Choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Precise canals create FUE transplantation at the right orientation packing density. to fill the hair loss area (recipient area). These are all considered the main and vital elements to achieve natural, successful, and life long-lasting results. due to the latest techniques of FUE. That covers the baldness optimally without causing any damage to the donor area. So starting from the 3rd to 4th months postoperatively until the implanted hair grafts start to grow. That it would take up to 9-12 months. to see the full results of a hair transplant procedure in the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.
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