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Crown Hair Transplant In Turkey

There are many hospital centers and clinics that perform hair transplants in Turkey. In fact, in recent years it has become the mecca of implants. The result is that some 60,000 people a year – from all parts of the world – go through one of these centers to get their hair transplant. 

We can find hair loss in the crown area in both men and women but most commonly in men with male pattern

A crown hair transplant gives you a natural appearance, which is very important in hair transplantation. We consider the head temple line to be the foremost vital region for a natural appearance.

Many hair transplant patients are looking to focus on their hairline and crown area for their procedures. 

Restoring the crown is one of the more complicated hair transplant procedures and requires extensive grafts and expert precision due to the angles of the hair.

In the crown area, the grafts are pointing in many directions, and it is so important to match those angles and directions because it will create a natural look that no one will be able to distinguish with the naked eye that you get the hair transplantation procedure done.

Causes of the crown hair loss

Crown hair loss can be caused by alopecia, anagen hair loss, inflammatory scalp, tinea capitis, trichotillomania, and many others. Not all forms of hair loss can be treated surgically.

So it’s important to have a consultation to decide on the best treatment for your specific concerns.
The crown, or vertex area, is often considered the most challenging area to treat for a natural appearance.

Preparation for the procedure

  • In medication, it implies the top of the scalp. This zone includes a special significance. The point of each hair follicle in this area has its dynamics.
  • The direction of hair growth may shift from one to the other. Then, to achieve the expectation of hair development in this zone ought to be given to each hair root utilizing special strategies during the crown hair transplantation operation.
  • The person’s hair shape is decided. All conceivable hair roots are calculated by tracking the outlet point of the hair in this range. We transplant the donor region in the vertex.
  • We apply crown hair transplant in this area for the comfort it provides. As with the delicately connected hair transplant at the crown, the vertex can heal in no time, and the patient can return to their lifestyle effectively.

How complex is the procedure?

The crown or vertex is a complex area due to certain characteristics:
  • The weak blood circulation in the area leads to poor follicular nutrition.
  • Between 20 and 40% of the hair transplants at the crown may not anchor properly in the area.
  • In cases of excessive hair loss in this area, the number of follicular units required is higher, compared to the number of other areas of the scalp.
  • The “spiral” pattern of the crown makes it a region of the scalp of lower capillary density and therefore a “transparent” area of the scalp. Even people who do not have a male pattern baldness have some parts of the crown depopulated or with a lower density. The goal of a hair transplant at the crown is to recreate the natural look of your scalp.
  • These reasons show you that crown hair transplant isn’t an easy or cheap procedure, if you want your hair back for real, the only way is with good doctors and the best equipment and preparations.
  • ClinMedica has nine years of experience in the hair transplantation field and is well known as one of the most prestigious clinics in Turkey.
Crown Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

The cost of crown hair transplants varies widely, based primarily on the cost of covering hair loss and the density necessary for natural view.

Since the crown area hair transplant requires expert precision, there are fewer doctors experienced in this form of hair restoration, which can increase the overall cost.

Post Procedure
After your crown hair transplant, you should be able to get back to your activities within 24 hours and avoid anything strenuous to reduce the risk of injury.
You can expect to see some small scabbing following the surgery as well. Your surgeon will recommend hair loss medications following surgery to ensure the best results.

ClinMedica offers a full package with hotel accommodation, transportation, medications needed, and more. As a patient, you won’t have to worry about anything, and you will be in our well-experienced doctor’s hands for your crown hair transplantation procedure.

Crown Hair Transplant in Turkey |  Before and After Results

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