Dental Crowns & Bridges

It is used once your tooth is stained, cracked or broken, heavily stuffed, or if fillings are lost.

There are many different types of dental crowns available at ClinMedica’s contracted hospitals. We will advise the best option depending on the location of the crown recommend a ceramic, resin or sometimes even gold crowns.

The dentists use their expertise and modern technology to match the new crown to the shape and color of your existing teeth.

It’s offered Same Day Crowns using CAD/CAM technology to design, produce and insert ceramic restorations all in one single appointment.

When would I need a crown?

  • Cover discolored or worn teeth:

If you feel your teeth are becoming more transparent or darker in color. Your dentist can tell you about the reasons that led to the erosion of the teeth and what you should do first

If the dentist recommends a crown restoration, then this crown will be made to match the natural shape and strength of your existing tooth in a ceramic material.

  • Replacement of a large filling:

If your teeth square measure heavily stuffed, they will be in danger of fractures or de-bonding of fillings.

Frequent replacement of fillings will cause loss of precious tooth structure.

Repeated dental treatment on a similar tooth could cause deepening of the filling and resultant nerve inflammation.

To keep away from these headaches, your dentist may advocate that a crown is built earlier than the filling turns into too big and ultimate enamel shape is simply too brief to assist a crown.

  • What should be done to protect against cracking or breakage in the tooth:

If your tooth is showing fine lines and cracks, otherwise you often feel sensitivity once biting into sticky or onerous foods, your tooth could have a deep crack or This is common for heavily stuffed teeth, particularly wherever AN amalgam filling is in situ.

The tooth doctor could counsel exchange any amalgam with a ceramic restoration.

The dentist may additionally recommend replacing any amalgam with a ceramic restoration.

  • Placing a bridge to replace a missing tooth:

If a tooth is missing or lost, your tooth doctor can discuss the choices for tooth replacement.

This may involve the position of AN implant or tooth-supported bridge.

While the bridge is produced, a porcelain tooth (pontic) is fused to the 2 or greater crowns on either side.
Once the crowns square measure fitted onto the abutting teeth, the ceramic ware pontic seems to be rising out of the gum.

A bridge could also be appropriate for you if you’re unable to possess AN implant because of problems along with your overall health or dental health.

  • After root canal treatment:

Root canal stuffed teeth square measure susceptible to fractures, because of the character of passage treatment and hollowing out of the tooth within the method.

Dentists extremely suggest crowning most passage stuffed teeth to safeguard them from fractures and additional microorganism infections.