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Dental and Teeth Implants in Turkey

All about teeth implants, dental implants and full mouth dental implants along with cost of dental implants in Turkey.

The simplest answer to the question of what is an implant; It is one of the most effective solution methods for a person who has a tooth deficiency problem. A screw made of titanium is placed in place of the missing tooth. Since the screw is made of titanium, bone accepts it easily. This implant, which can be applied to 1 toothless patient, can also be a treatment method for a patient with no teeth.

How Is Dental Implant Made?

The implant construction phase mostly consists of two phases. If normal implant treatment will be performed, a day is determined after the necessary examinations and tests are performed. Local anesthesia is generally applied to the implant area of ​​the patient who comes on this day, but general anesthesia is also possible according to the patient’s request.

After the place to be implanted becomes numb, the gingiva is carefully lifted. After that, the implant, whose dimensions are determined according to the patient’s tooth structure and many different factors, is placed at the determined point of the bone. After this phase, which is the first phase of the implant, is completed, it is waited for a while for the titanium screw to combine with the bone and become a part of the body. After this period, the covered implant is exposed and some parts are added to make it look like a tooth. Finally, prosthetic knee procedures begin and the patient is thus freed from the problem of missing teeth.

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Those who have missing teeth or use dentures because they do not have most of their teeth can get rid of these problems by choosing implant treatment. If the patient has a missing tooth problem, it is very important for the patient to consult a specialist dentist for implant treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the missing teeth will be completed. Implant treatment is a method that produces better results when there is a missing tooth.

In this way, both the external appearance of the patient will not be a problem, and the health problems that occur or will occur in the digestive system of the patient will be prevented. When the tooth is extracted, the bone in the cavity formed in its place may melt and collapse because it cannot perform its task in time. Implant treatment is the procedure that can help prevent this situation the most.

Types of Dental Implants and To Whom The Implant Is Not Applied?

The implant can be applied to most people, but in some cases, the application of the implant cannot be performed. We have searched and listed the people who are not suitable for implant treatment for you. You can find this ranking from the list below:

  • Smokers
  • Young people with still developing bones
  • under 18 years old
  • Those with at least one of diabetes, high blood pressure, hemophilia and autoimmune diseases
  • Those who have to use drugs such as bisphosphonates, corticosteroids or immune

The people listed above must have permission from their doctor to have implant treatment. If there are these conditions and the doctor is not aware of it, you should definitely inform. Otherwise, you can cause great harm to your oral health.

In addition to this situation, in order for a patient to be implanted, the size and thickness of the jaw must be in the required dimensions. Since implant treatment is applied by placing screws in the jawbone, people who do not meet these criteria either correct the jawbone by surgical procedure or implant cannot be applied.

Dental Implants Prices in Turkey

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Dental Implants in Turkey | Before and After

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