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DHI and Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

The highest hair graft survival rate of any hair implantation method is provided by a Sapphire DHI transplant.

The most cutting-edge and effective hair transplant procedure in use today was created by professional doctors at ClinMedica Clinic and is called DHI Sapphire.

In addition, the Sapphire DHI hair transplant method permits the fewest scalp incisions of any hair restoration method. The scalp’s damage is minimized, resulting in quicker healing, a lower risk of infection, and less discomfort.
The Sapphire DHI operation’s accuracy produces the densest hair results of any hair loss treatment now available. Compared to other forms of FUE procedures or traditional DHI, sapphire cutting technology permits more grafts per square centimeter.

What makes a Sapphire DHI hair transplant unique?

The best aspects of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are combined in Sapphire DHI. A Sapphire DHI surgery has three steps.
First, a micromotor punch is used to remove the donor hairs from the donor area.

Second, a blade made of the priceless stone sapphire is used to cut open the hair channels in the recipient area. The cuts can be made more precisely and closely together because the blade is sharper and finer than the typical equipment utilized.

The hair root is then implanted in the precise cut created by the sapphire blades using a DHI Implanter pen (sometimes referred to as a choi implanter pen). The implanter pen completely envelops the hair graft on all sides, providing 360-degree protection.

The best, densest results are obtained when DHI and sapphire are combined. Less skin stress leads to quicker healing and quicker results while maintaining the DHI pen’s hair graft protection.
A qualified surgeon can exploit the sapphire instruments’ advantage to precisely align hair follicles for dense, natural-looking hair growth.

What’s Next?

The techniques for hair transplantation in the future are Sapphire DHI. ClinMedica along with professional doctors created it.

Despite being a world first, a Sapphire DHI procedure at ClinMedica Clinic is significantly less expensive than a transplant performed elsewhere using more traditional methods. Istanbul is the world’s top location for hair transplant surgeries, providing unmatched choice and competition, which explains why.

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