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Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey - Istanbul |Dr. Kokman Kosher

We must combine experience with art because esthetic surgery aims to achieve beauty in the end. That is why the esthetic surgeon needs to have the artistry which gives the body the magical touches that make a patient happy.


Dr. Kokman Kosher

Ankara / TR /1973


Elazig Ataturk Saglik Meslek Lisesi 1996 – 2001 Kokman is proud to have studied at the Elazig Ataturk Saglik Meslek Lisesi, the most prestigious institution in the Republic of Turkey. He was very interested in plastic surgery during his studies in the Secondary Medical School.

He is constantly fascinated by innovations and methods in the field, so he regularly participates in top conferences where he acquires know-how and advances in his knowledge. Elazig Ataturk Saglik Meslek Lisesi (Hair Transplant Clinic) 2001 – 2007 While working at Elazig Ataturk Saglik Meslek Lisesi,

Kokman gains experience not only in neurosurgery but also in aesthetic surgery and participates in many hair transplant training programs. In the year 2007 Kokman successfully completes a program of aesthetic surgery in the field of hair restoration.

Private Ambulance 2007 – presence After more than seven years of experience in Anadolu Medical Center, Kokman already becoming a recognized leader in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Kokman seeks to preserve young beauty and elegance by using the latest technological technology in medical hair transplantation.

His concern for your comfort level parallels his high standards for the quality of his surgical work. Over the course of his private practice, he has perfected both the technical and aesthetic aspects of hair transplantation.

Dr. Kokman has dedicated the last 13 years of his medical practice exclusively to hair restoration experience and proudly stands alongside over 30,000 satisfied patients with a 98% success rate.


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