Ear surgery

Ear surgery

Ear surgery: Its folds make the auricle three-dimensional. These folds are formed in the womb and grow in accordance with the development after birth and reach their adult dimensions by the age of 5-6 years. One of the aesthetic operations that can be done in childhood. Increasing the angle of the ear with the head region is called the bucket ear. This increase in angle is mainly due to 2 reasons: 1) insufficiency of folding between cartilages (antihelical fold deficiency) 2) overdevelopment of ear pit (Conchal Hypertrophy). Sometimes there are both causes of the same patient. Unilateral bucket may be ear deformity or usually bilateral. Ears are perceived to be larger than normal due to eye error due to the absence of folding.

Complete correction of the ear should be waited for the correction of the scoop ear. It can be done after 5-6 years. Children’s criticism, the desire to walk around constantly closing their ears can cause psychological damage to the bucket-eared children.

Ear surgery Operation age

Therefore, it is appropriate to perform the operation before the primary school age. The operation can be performed only by anesthesia of the ear region (local anesthesia) in adults, but it is performed by fully anesthetized (general anesthesia) in children. Patients who are operated under local anesthesia can be removed from the hospital on the same day and sent home. In the bucket Ear surgery operation, it is aimed to form the folds in the ear and reduce the cupping.

Abnormally developed cartilages are reached through the incision made behind the ear. Although many surgical techniques have been described, generally thinning of the cartilage from the fold, forming folds with sutures, removing excess cartilage, and using soft tissue flaps to prevent re-opening of the ear are the methods applied. The operation lasts approximately 45-60 minutes for each ear. The suture at the incision site is removed 1 week after the operation. The incision scar that is stored behind the ear does not create an irritating scar appearance after surgery. The use of elastic forehead band is recommended in the first 2 months postoperatively to support the new folds.

Scoop- ear surgery operation

Scoop- ear surgery operation prevents mental traumas that may occur in adults and children, and in post-operative patients, especially female patients can easily recover their hair by increasing their self-confidence.

Other aesthetic interventions to the ear area are acquired tumors, traumas and earring-related deformities. Necessary surgery is planned considering the missing structure in non-standard ear deformities