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Eyebrow Hair Transplant In Turkey

  • What happens during the surgery
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery Cost 2022
  • Post Operation
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant Before and After
  • Patients Reviews and Testimonials

All about eyebrow transplant surgery, eyebrow implants, brow transplant and restoration in addition to eyebrow transplant in Turkey cost.

Eyebrow transplant  is a great way to have a new look. The hair loss occurs like any other area of the human body and this fall due to several reasons, including:

Genetic, hormonal, other external reasons, and it can be in certain areas of the eyebrow.

The same technique used in hair transplantation is applied, the graft Extraction (FUE sapphire pen) technique. for the purpose of giving a natural and beautiful appearance to the eyebrow.

Eyebrow implants surgery begins by pulling from the back of head, and then implant it in the patient’s eyebrow area. Then we determine the graft transplantation areas within the empty area of hair in the eyebrow.

We prepare the angle of hair transplantation carefully. Because the eyebrows are one of the most important parts that attract attention to a person’s face.

The slightest mistake can cause very worrying results for our patients. so we do the process of transplanting hair and roots into the eyebrows is very carefully through the process of local anesthesia.

Because of the growing demand to treat hair loss in the eyebrows. The eyebrow transplant is one of the most common facial hair transplant procedures today in Turkey.

The procedure is performed in the same manner as hair transplant in the head under local anesthesia.

Single graft hair units are accurately transplanted from the donor area in the scalp to the eyebrow-received area. Where hair fall could occur due to various causes including genetic factors or damage done by over-plucking, laser hair removal, or scars.

Because of the nature of the hair in the eyebrow, the grafts extracted from the donor area resembles the original thickness and texture of natural eyebrow hair. And the number of hairs that we implant in both eyebrows ranges between 100 and 700 hairs.

This process is performed according to the patient’s desire for the final shape and density of the eyebrow.

The process of an eyebrow transplant surgery characterizes with the simplicity and clarity. Usually, we transplant between 50 to 400 grafts and each follicle contains one or two hairs. This depends on the case and depends on whether the transplant is for a specific area or with the aim of increasing the thickness of the eyebrow as a whole.

What Happens During Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

During procedure, the doctor takes into account the most important characteristic features of eyebrow hair growth. such as the diversity of the direction of hair growth.

The growth of hair in the form of individual strands or follicular units that can be observed in the scalp.

The appearance of hair at the level of the skin surface or at an angle of 45 degrees, and the hair growth cycle and its speed.

  • We take the follicles from the donor areas where the hair is closer to the eyebrow hair. We perform the dissection process using a stereomicroscope (stereo system). Usually, we prefer that the hair follicles in the donor areas are single or follicular units (1-4 hairs).
  • And We keep the grafts 2 to 3 millimeters long to allow the curvature to match the shape of the eyebrow.
  • We prepare the area in which we perform the transplant. We make longitudinal incisions using a fine standard needle, at a very sharp angle, so that the hair is as flat as possible and natural-looking as possible.
  • The transplanted hair may have slightly different properties from eyebrow hair. and you may need to trim your eyebrows sometimes. but the rate of growth is fast.
  • Eyebrow transplant in turkey “despite its ease” usually poses a challenge to the surgeon who performs it. as it requires precision and skill to obtain the desired result.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results

Patients leave the clinic immediately after the eyebrow transplant. Doctors can prescribe a pain medication or over-the-counter pain relievers if you experience any discomfort or pain.

For the first 4-5 days after the eyebrow transplant , you will notice tiny crusts, which can appear like dots of sand on the skin. These will fall off, leaving the eyebrows similar to the way they looked before the surgery.

Patients return to work and to most routine activities the day after eyebrow transplant surgery. Brows must be dry for 5 days. The transplanted hairs normally fall out 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery and then start to regrow in 4 months.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2022

The price of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is exceedingly affordable for international patients, particularly for UK patients. The lower cost of living in Turkey, inexpensive overhead costs and the high exchange rate of the English Pound to the Turkish Lira make Istanbul one of the most hair restoration destinations in Europe. Patients traveling for eyebrow transplant in Turkey can save up to 70 percent on their treatment abroad.

Post Operation

In the first five days after the eyebrow transplant. There will be small crusts and redness in the transplanted area. It is natural and does not require any special medication as it fades. The Patients will be able to return to their activities after procedure.

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