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What is Hair Transplantation?

It’s a kind of surgery that moves hair you have already got to fill an empty area that has got no hair(baldness area).

Doctors have been doing these hair transplant surgeies within the U.S. since the 50s, However, techniques have been modified significantly in the recent years.

Best Country For Hair Transplantation

In Turkey because it is the place where all kinds of new techniques are tested and then distributed to other countries. So still always the homeland of hair transplant and the best origin for every beginning. Now we are not at the beginning but in the advancement of every technique and all the technology that is concerned with this procedure. Of course the same applies on our doctors. In addition of having a good accreditation and long experience in their field, which is the most important thing; let us go back to the second question:

Which clinic to choose for hair transplant in istanbul?

ClinMedica has made contract agreements with the best doctors which is the most important point! with many years of work, you get the experience. Because our contracted doctors perform hair transplantation in Istanbul every day with different hair types and different techniques. So it gives us confidence when we say that the results will be 100% . Besides that we have a great staff for hair transplantation in Turkey, who provide our patients with great help.

It is very important that our staff members have the language of the patient. because it helps the patient with a clear understanding of the hair transplant procedure.

The most important thing for our staff is to achieve the surgery with good results. So by the end of the day our patients are as satisfied as possible with the work and the cooperation they see during the surgery since the hard work is the key of the strength. so that’s why we cooperate together at work to achieve the best.

First Week After Hair Transplant

On this web journal post, you’ll find detailed data about the first week post hair transplant surgery. Among the questions inquired to the clinic is  what to anticipate within the beginning of the first week. So let’s take a closer look! Please note that the recovery period after hair transplantation to achieve the full results takes up to one year. Typically a long-lasting , but the outcomes are wonderful. Let us essentially clarify what you may experience with hair transplantation within the first week.

On the 1st day

We may cover the donor area(ordinarily back of the scalp) and keep it secured with a bandage for 24-48 hrs. The most vital issue to pay attention to on the 1st day is: the sleeping position. If possible, ought to be with a specific position on the back to be maintained with for 10 days after the surgery. Particularly for the transplanted region a specific care to be conducted in order to avoid any dislodging of the grafts and also to alleviate any swelling.

On the 2st day

On the 2nd day of hair transplantation, there may be pain within the region and within the donor area. Typically that is very normal and common. While some blood can be seen within the donor area, blood will be totally dried within the transplanted area. So that is the reason why we tend to cover the donor region with a bandage.

On the 3rd day

You shall know that the 1st wash after hair transplantation  will be carried out by an expert under the supervision of your doctor. The way of washing to be performed with shall be precise and with caution until the scales(skin flakes) within the area of hair transplantation disappear. Since an expert is the one who perform it on the 1st day so you will learn it from easily. Please check out this video to memorize more all about the primary washing process.

On the 7th day

  • The first 3 days after hair transplantation  are the days that require extra care. After getting in contact with water in the first wash, the patient would feel more relaxed.
  • You should wash the head area regularly and carefully every day until it gets clear of any scales within the area of hair transplantation.
  • The first week is the time of getting healthy hair follicles.
  • Therefore, the transplanted area should be away from any strenuous physical efforts such as friction with subjects, hard movements, rubbing, scratching or nailing.
  • Your specialist may recommend antibiotic therapy in the first week. We plan this as 5 to 3 days regarding the each individual’s case.
  • In the first week, the rapid recovery in the donor area may surprise you. At the end of the first week, you will observe some hair loss in the newly transplanted area(hair shock phase) and this is completely normal.


First hair wash after the the procedure of hair transplant 

  • When you go to the clinic on day 3 after your hair transplantation. We will remove the bandage from the donor area at first.
  • Then, a special solution will be applied to the donor area. İt has some soothing effects that would help up with removing the blood clots and then the washing process will begin.
  • On day 3 after hair transplantation, you must protect your scalp from exposure whether to sunlights or to rain by wearing a loose type of hats(medical hat).
  • The sleeping position should be the same today as the first 2 days.

How to get started in Hair transplantation

Hair transplant can change your life forever. Let’s see how the process works very simply.

The majority of the patients who have chosen our contracted clinics, mostly come to Turkey with their families. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with you coming alone or with your family.

Hair transplant process does not mean there would be any obstricles in your everyday life post the surgery. İn addition to undergoing the surgery itself, patients would have a chance to visit many places inside and outside of Istanbul and discover places that Turkish locals have not even known before. They usually share their experiences with us.

After you have decided to make your hair transplant in istanbul

  • The first thing of all you need to do is to contact us and our efficient stuff.
  • Once your appointment has been arranged for your hair transplant, you need to tell us about your flight details like the date and the airport. It is very simple and easy!
  • The day before your operation day, you will come to the clinic and make a face-to-face consultation with a professional doctor. During the consultation we will give information about your hair. In addition, a full description of your situation.
  • After you get all the answers, the doctor will draw you frontal hairline design before you get in the operation room, your health tests and blood tests will be done as well priorly.
  • If you do not have any health problems so your hair operation going to be the next day morning at 8:00.
  • Your hair transplant procedure takes between 8-10 hours. During this time. you can watch TV or movies and read books. There is no stressful feeling, after your hair transplant surgery. You can return back to your hotel.
  • The following day of your hair transplant surgery. You can go back to your country after the control by our staff. Of course you can stay longer if you’d like to discover some places at the beautiful city – Istanbul.
  • After the hair surgery, you can contact our expert team at any time and ask us for any questions you may have or even wondering about. We are at your service after the surgery too of course.
  • In the first week following the hair transplantation in istanbul, it is the time during which our patients are intensively contacted with. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time after your surgery.

Current Hair Transplant Packages

There are different packages with high standards along good service in our clinic that fullfill all of your demands.

All include Clinmedica’s consultation before and after hair transplant . Our team will plan and supervise your whole operation with a top service. Blood tests, cutting-edge FUE hair transplant technique with maximum grafts implantation, Supportive Therapy (FDA approved) of PRP injection are all included in the packages. FUE technique is the latest and most successful method to perform hair transplantation

We have an English speaking staff and at the same time available in other Languages. For example German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew ) They will accompany you in all your moves.

The airport pick-up and all your transfers you would be provided with. 3 nights stay in at a 5 stars hotel accommodation (breakfast and Wİ-Fİ connection included) During your stay at one of the best hotels in Istanbul. You will have free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul, and check a lot of attractive and wonderful places in istanbul.

Is Falling Of Hair Grafts Possible After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation (Hair Transplant): As clinmedica, we offer free consultation for patients. One of the common asked questions on those consultations is about hair falling after hair transplant.

  • Many people think they will lose their implanted hair after the surgery but actually it’s not true.
  • First of all, we have to be clear on this. It is very common and normal process that %99 of people who had FUE Follicular Unit Extraction face possible hair shedding.
  • Around the second week following your hair transplant surgery, you will experience (as in %80 of the cases), some ‘hair shedding’ for a period of time.
  • It happens not just within a day but within months. In this process, hair roots regenerate themselves and prepare to grow much healthier and powerful. This hair shock is an expected situation.
  • Your hair will begin to grow again within the following 90 days and the loss should have settled.
  • As time passes the hair begins to regrow thicker than before. Thin hair will start to show itself within four months.
  • After 6 months of transplantation, 50% of implanted hair will grow and  the complete result will show up within one year.
  • After one year, your hair will gain thickness and become visible clearly.

The risk of losing the implanted hair is so low.

Scientific explanation shows that the backward area between the ears is resistant to baldness; which means protected from being fallen out even in people with excessive hair loss.

How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need For Hair Transplant?

Grafts is a tissue. We extract them along with nerve and vessel connections from one area to get transplanted into another area. Grafts mean that each part of the hair follicle is extracted with a very small part of skin that surround it.

Each graft contains 2-4 hair shafts within the tissue that surround it and it varies from one person to another. graft and hair shaft are separate concepts. Therefore, the number of hair follicles and grafts in the hair transplantation process are not the same.

What happens after hair transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a relatively minor with no serious complications. Certainly many patients suffer from pressure and some pain in the donation area, which may last for two or three days. You will be prescribed painkillers that could be taken when necessary. We advise you to use wet wipes, bandages or spray, sleep on your back to prevent friction in the treated area as well as any unwanted swelling.

A crust layer may form and will naturally disappear within 5 to 15 days. External hair shafts will start falling in the first month; the root is still there and will produce new hairs. Experts for Hair Transplantation recommend the use certain of  Dermatch, Toppik or Couvre, as well as other products that you will receive free of charge. Attention should be paid to the recipient area as the follicles are still sensitive.

Occasionally, there may be some inflammation around the newly implanted hair follicle, which will heal on its own. Tiny scars are natural; it usually takes a coupled of months for them to disappear.

There are some patients who have a slight edema or swelling in the front. It goes away within 3-4 days at most. Some patients feel slight numbness above the donor area, which is quite normal and will gradually over several months.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey Before And After Results

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