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Forehead Lift Surgery in Turkey

A forehead lift is a surgical procedure that addresses sagging skin in the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids, typically performed under local anesthesia and recommended for individuals over the age of forty.
A forehead lift targets the muscles and skin responsible for common signs of aging, including drooping eyebrows, “covering” eyelids, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines.
In cases of severe sagging and excess skin, excess tissue in the scalp is removed through incisions made between the ears. While hair near the forehead may be trimmed, extensive shaving is generally unnecessary.
Additional Facts about Forehead Lift
  • Forehead lift surgery can be standalone or combined with other procedures like facelifts, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.
  • The procedure can be conducted in a specialist’s office, outpatient surgery center, or a hospital.
  • Usually performed on an outpatient basis, the surgery does not require an overnight stay.
  • Local anesthesia is administered to minimize pain during the procedure, with additional pain relief medication provided.
  • Sensations of tension in the forehead and skin pores, as well as mild pain, may be experienced during the surgery.
  • Closure of incisions is done using stitches or staples.

Steps in the Forehead Lift Surgery


  • Sections of hair are kept away from the surgical area.
  • Hair directly in front of the haircut may need trimming, but large areas are not shaved.


  • The surgeon makes a cut at the ear level, extending across the forehead at the hairline to maintain a natural appearance.
  • For bald individuals, a mid-scalp incision may be used to minimize visible scarring.
  • Some surgeons opt for multiple small incisions, using an endoscope for surgery.

Post Forehead Lift | Instructions and Care

After the forehead lift procedure, patients typically spend one day in the hospital for observation. Swelling and edema in the facial area are normal and subside within 7-10 days.

Before applying bandages, it’s recommended to:
  • Wash your hair and face to prevent scalp irritation.
  • By adhering to these guidelines, patients can optimize their recovery experience after undergoing forehead lift surgery in Turkey.

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