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Hair Loss AGF Treatment in Turkey

Hair Loss AGF Treatment In Turkey is the Only Mesotherapy Product Approved By SCI- Journals For Alopecia, the number 1 choice of physicians, and confirmed with >1000,000 clinical cases in 10 years.

Hair loss AGF Treatment

  • Lyophilized and sterilized
  • 6 Growth Factors in CTFA
  • 11 Vitamin B/Minerals (Zn, AHK-Cu, Mg)
  • 19 Amino acid/Coenzyme-A
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and Coenzyme-A cell energy metabolism are essential nutrients for protein production
  • SOD (Super Oxide Dysmutase)
  • SOD helps hair regrowth by protecting hair follicle cells from oxidative stress.
  • ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate)
  • ATP is chemical energy within cells for metabolism that helps strengthen hair growth.

The Effect Of AGF-39 (SGF-57) Has Been Approved In The Treatment Of Alopecia

Effects of topical micro-needling application of growth factors in women with female pattern hair loss.

The Journal of Dermatology

  • A study was conducted with 11 Korean women (41.36 ± 2.43 years) with FPHL. The FPHL grade was classified as Ludwig grade I in all patients.
  • Growth factors solution (SGF-57) was applied by micro-needling technique. Microneedling to the other half (control zone). Normal saline was applied using the technique.
  • Results: Differences in hair follicle density 2.4. and at week 5 was significant, the mean change in hair follicle count increased by more than 10% compared to baseline.
  • Conclusion: This study provides an effective and safe treatment option to increase hair density in the treatment of FPHL.

Aesmed Growth Factor Therapy In Patients With Androgenetic Alopecia

7th World Congress for Hair Research, 2013. 5. 4-6, Edinburgh, Scotland BI Ro, Dept. Dermatol, Myongji Hospital/Kwandong Univ. Korea
Objective: The aim of this study is systemic growth factors in patients with AGA.

Efficiency Of AGF Treatment

  • Method: SGFs are applied topically at 2-4 week intervals by microneedling and were applied by electroporation. Efficacy after 10 times treatment was evaluated within 6 months. A total of 116 patients aged 19-60 years It’s counted.
  • Results: Phototrichogram hair density of 9.85%, hair thickness
  • Conclusion: Systemic growth factor therapy is effective and safe in the treatment of AGA and this will be among the options for the treatment of AGA.
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