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Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Design is a form of treatment that evaluates the mouth, teeth and facial structure as a whole. In this treatment, structures that are deficient or far from ideal are determined and treatment is started accordingly.

The Hollywood Smile takes its name from the creation of impressive teeth and smiles custom-made by artists and stars according to their own facial profile. While designing the smile, first of all, your x-rays and photographs are taken. According to the evaluation results, all the actions that need to be taken are sorted according to your wishes and needs.

Accordingly, your treatments are determined according to the priorities of your procedures. In this way, you can have the smile design you want in a very short time in accordance with your own face line.

Zirconium Crown and Bridge Application in Hollywood Smile

Metal-supported porcelains can create a dark inflammatory appearance on the gums over time.

The zirconium tooth creates a more natural appearance by maintaining its harmony with the gingiva for many years.

In recent years, Zirconium Crowns are preferred because they combine aesthetics and durability. Zirconium Crowns have many advantages over Metal-Ceramic crowns:

 No matter how well Metal-Ceramic crowns are made, it can be difficult to achieve a full aesthetic result. In zirconium bridges and crowns, a natural appearance can be obtained.

Mechanical cementation is performed on metal-ceramic crowns. Mechanical and chemical adhesives called dual cements are used in zirconium crowns. This method increases retention.

Nickel, which is used in the infrastructure of metal-ceramic porcelain, can cause allergic reactions in some patients. The materials used in zirconium are fully compatible with oral tissues.

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

Please contact our consultants to retrieve information about the cost and price of Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey | Before and After 

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