Hypo Thermosol Graft Preservation

Hypo Thermosol Graft Preservation

Hypo Thermosol Graft: The proper clinical preservation of the hair follicle tissue is a crucial factor in successful hair transplant. Hair transplant often takes an average of 6 to 8 hours, leaving the extracted follicles outside the body for long duration of time. The follicles are very sensitive without proper blood supply.

Since 2013, Hypo thermosol FRS has been used as a storage solution, instead of the normal saline solution used to store hair grafts during hair transplant.

With the new refrigerant storage medium designed to maintain the vitality of the extracted grafts by providing maximum storage temperatures at 2-8 ° C, sensitivity of the molecular cells is reduced. By providing an appropriate pH, supporting osmosis, energy substrates, and ionic concentrations to balance cells at low temperatures, this method is a lot more effective than others in promoting cell survival.

Hypo thermosol Graft Method

This method has been used to preserve cells, tissues, and organs (such as the heart and kidney) in abnormal conditions (transferred from one body to another) and has been widely used in maintaining hair follicles in hair transplantation. Damage to grafts leads to cell death, especially when saline solutions are used as a storage solution, so hypo thermosol has been used as a more effective solution to keep grafts alive as long as possible.

While there are many studies and views on the mechanism of maintaining grafts extracted outside the body, experts and surgeons have adopted different ways to store grafts. For years, the experts have been carrying out important studies in this field and we have concluded that the ideal methods to store grafts are by using Hypo Thermosol.