When you wake up in the first day after the first operation, you’ll see liquid with a little blood overflow the neck bandage area and on the pillow. Don’t worry this is normal and only happens is the first day.


Application begins one day after the hair transplant and continues until all medications are taken.

1- Aksef (Cefaks) 500 mg tablet antibiotics 1×1 (after breakfast).

2- Parol (Pirofen) tablet painkiller 1×1 (after breakfast).

3- Coraspin (Ecopirin) 100 mg tablet blood diluent 1×1 (after breakfast).

4- Prednol 16 mg tablet anti-Oedema, 1st day 4, second day 2 and third day 2 tablets after breakfast (after breakfast).

HAIR WASH (Total 7 hair wash, once a day):

You can find information video about hair wash like “ClinMedica Clinic“ on our official youtube channel.

It will help you to wash your hairs correctly.

Start 2 days after the hair transplantation (for example if the operation was on Monday, start on Wednesday for the first hair wash) applied one time a day before going to bed.

After the 7th hair wash, you need to remove the blood tests by soft hand massage to the transplanted area.

Foam spray: applied to the area where her roots are transplanted on and wash after 30 minutes.
Add to wash Time the Formed up with the hind the same time to the transplanted area this will be help for remove the foam.

Shampoo: Applied to the head in general.
Donor area: Apply shampoo to the donor area and wash with normal hand massage
Transplanted area: Makes from the shampoo with the hand and apply form to the transplanted area and wash sensitive first seven days only tab no massage.
Make sure that you wash your hair with warm water with no pressure. Hot or cold water might damage the transplanted grafts.
Avoid rubbing or scratching the transplanted area
Do not use hair blower for drying your hair.
Use paper towel to dry your hair after washing it.
If you have sensation or pain on the donor area, you can use the foam for the donor area.
After the 7th wash, take pictures of your hair from different angles and send us for doctor control.


Lie on your back in the first week.
Use the forehead bandage for the first 2 days.
Do not smoke for the first three days.
Avoid alcohol and sexual intercourse for the first seven days, avoid dusty environments and protect your head against impacts.
Avoid sports, fitness and steam bath, swimming activities and sun bath for the first one month.
Make sure scissors are used for your haircut for the first six months, clippers may damage your hair. Hair color can be used after 6 months.
( It is normal to feel itchy, pain and swelling for the first ten days. It will pass.)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Donor area – back of the head looks like before (density) after 2-6 weeks. Implanted hairs will start to come out 3-4 months later.6 months later it will complete 70% of it’s growth, 12 months later it will be done 100%. It might take up to 1.5 years for the hair transplanted on the opex to give maximum result.

There will definitely be no scars after the operation in the area hair roots are taken. The redness on the area taken will disappear within 15 days to 1 month. The biggest advantage of the FUE system is that it leaves no scars.

In Contract agreement we recommend to all our patients to use the ClinMedica support products. The effect of ClinMedica support products are:

-Support the transplanted hairs and helps for faster and thicker hair growth.
-Can also prevent the hairloss of your original hairs. Tablets, shampoo and mesotherapy solutions are available in Contract agreement, only for our patients.