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Latest hair transplant techniques

The latest hair transplant technique is the grafts extraction “FUE”. this technique revolutionized plastic surgery in general and hair transplantation in particular.

Almost all humans were born with the ınstinct of being concerned about the external appearance.

They love to go out to meet people in all of their elegance with an attractive external appearance, however that ıs not complete without the presence of thick hair especially for men.

Some people have baldness in a certain area of the head, or hair that is thın due to hair loss. That may create an embarrassment for them and maybe reflected in psychological damage.
Since they are looking for the newest hair transplant technology to get thick hair. Here, the latest hair transplant techniques comes to be the best solution.

How Do The Latest Hair Transplant Techniques Work?

When harvesting the hair during the extraction of hair units, the surgeon extracts each follicles unit. We use fine punch that varies in diameter From 0.7 mm to 1.1 mm for the extraction phase Thus, there are many types of holes that can be resulted from the extraction (manual holes, mechanical holes, etc.).

All of which are capable of providing good implantation results if carried out by experts. A significant difference in outcomes associate to the surgeon’s ability and experience.

Older techniques, like FUT involve surgically removing part of the scalp from the donation area and then separating the follicles units outside the body using a microscope, Leaving a large longitude follicles scar.

But the extraction of individual hair grafts in the FUE technique involves no sutures to be used during the surgery, therefore no longitudinal scar.
Each graft unit can be extracted separately. Each may contain one, two, three, or four hairs grouped in each unit.

FUE leaves many (hundreds or even thousands) tiny dots that are less than one millimetre in diameter. When we perform the procedure efficiently, only minuscule white dots may appear when we shave the hair completely.

Achieving a natural appearance depends on many factors – such as the front hairline pattern and direction/angle.

What Are The Latest Hair Transplant Techniques (FUE)?

When we extract the hair individually in the FUE technique, then we carefully transplant it, which contribute in giving a natural look.

It usually takes longer to extract individual follicles. Therefore, the donor area recovers very quickly with this procedure, All the itchiness, redness and swelling after the procedure would resolve within two to three days of the operation.

Hair begins to grow after the third or the fourth month of hair transplant turkey with a growth rate of 1 cm per each month.

The latest hair transplant techniques (FUE) gains its importance for its successful, permanent and safe solution of fighting baldness.

This technique is preferred over traditional hair transplant method because of its easiness and the great success rate it achieves.

It’s also more favorable for the following benefits:

There is no need for any stitches in the scalp area, which may disturb many people in hair transplant turkey surgery.

Lack of incisions on the scalp assures no scars left and quickly obtaining satisfactory results for people who suffer from local or total lack of head hair.

Another advantage is a rapid recovery in both the donor and the receiving regions.

The end result is very close to the natural look.

With the constant improvements in technology, more refined tool has been created in order to be used in hair transplant turkey, Thus a new version of the classical FUE technique has been emerged, by using Gemstone-top pen is in hair transplant turkey.

What is FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant ?

Basically the Sapphire pen; is an innovation of the Follicular Unit Extraction method, in which we use Sapphire blades for creating the canals rather than the steel blades ; which is the most critical phase in hair transplant turkey surgery.

Tissue recovery will be faster in comparison to the steel blades since acidity will be prevented. Also the bonded skin will have a smooth surface, meaning no scars left behind.

Although there are different types of hair restoration techniques available, the FUE is the safest of all methods.

The majority of hair transplant turkey methods come with some common side effects, including:

Large noticeable scars and slower healing in the donor area.

Therefore, what distinguishes FUE Follicular unit extraction, is its method of graft extraction.

We extract grafts as individual follicular units, rather than strip tissue cut which is considered to be an old method that is no longer performed at our clinic in Istanbul.

Reducing pain, scarring, and making healing much faster than it is in other hair transplant turkey techniques.

FUE is especially recommended for potential patients who have a higher risk of scarring, Such as:

  • Those with very loose or tight scalps.
  • Younger patients, athletic, or very muscular patients.
  • Hair transplant turkey is experiencing rising ın popularity because of:
  • ıts recent advances of technology.
  • guaranteeing permanent results.

In addition, relatively shorter healing time than the traditional techniques used earlier.

How The Newest Hair Transplant Technology Is Proceeded In Such Artistic Way In Our Clinic In Turkey?

Hair transplant is essentially the art of hair and scalp anatomy with an aesthetic perspective, obtaining the desired results makes the skills of the surgeon performing the surgery key to its success.

We perform both the FUE and DHI Hair Transplant turkey techniques in our clinic with the most affordable price compared to its performance relatively high cost.

Follicular unit extraction; is considered to be breakthrough in hair transplant turkey that helps patients safely.

Restore their hair look with the latest surgical tools. We perform (FUE SAPPHIRE PEN) for Best hair transplant in turkey this way First of all.

The number of hair grafts needed to cover the recipient area and the number of possible hair grafts that could. Be harvested from the donor area is determined at our clinic in Turkey after the doctor consultation.

We trim the hair in the donor area (the site from where we take the hair grafts) to become about 1mm.

In length so that the surgeon can visualize the scalp clearly. Next, preliminary drawing of the recipient areas and hairline is clearly established with an artistic way and surely.

After the agreement of the patient, after that Local anaesthesia is applied to the donor area directly before the operation.

FUE Surgery Leave No Scars

In the newest hair transplant technology inside our clinic in Istanbul Turkey, we extract Follicular units containing 1-4 hair shafts using a specialized instrument, which works as a punch, in order to create tiny circular.

Incisions around each follicular hair unit with a diameter of less than 1 mm squared.

As we remove hair follicles individually in this process, only tiny punctuate marks are going to remain, with no stitches required and no risk of scarring.

It usually takes about 7 to 8 days for the donor area to heal, but yet It is possible to extract approximately 4000-6000 follicles per day. But this will be determined by the structure of the person’s donor area.

After the required number of grafts needed has been extracted, the follicular hair units are stored in a special isotonic solution to maintain their vitality and hydration outside the body.

Using a fine instrument small recipient channels for the extracted grafts. The final appearance relies on the depth, angle, and distribution of the channels.

We implant the follicles subsequently with extreme precision into the channels where they will start growing again.

We expect the exterior hair shafts are expected to fall in the course of 3-4 weeks and the healthy roots will produce hair at the same pace they did previously.

In the second and third months, the hair begins to grow, and in the sixth month, the patient will be satisfied with the results.

However, at the end of the first year, the hair transplant turkey produces its final results. The newest hair transplant technology is usually performed in one session which takes from 6 to 8 hours.

Common Side Effects Of FUE Hair Transplant 

We use punches for removing hair grafts in the follicular unit extraction method, which are really small in diameter.

Because of that smaller diameter of the incision generated in this technique of hair transplant turkey, which we perform it in our clinic in Istanbul of Turkey;
Shorter recovery is possible, in most of the cases; patients completely heal within 7-10 days.

Some likely side effects that in most cases include:

  • Shock loss: The exterior shafts of transplanted hair may fall off in the first 3-4 weeks after the operation. However, the implanted roots will continue to produce healthy follicles.
  • Following the operation, the donor area or the forehead of the patients can experience some swelling, it chiness, redness or discomfort.
  • Scarring: Although it depends on your skin’s reaction, scarring is unlikely to occur in the FUE technique.

Thanks to the small diameter of the incisions which is made; scarring will be hardly noticeable and will progressively heal in the first few weeks.


  • Although hair transplant turkey is a relatively simple operation, there are some cases in which it is highly inadvisable: Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diabetes with uncontrolled blood glucose level.
  • Blood-borne viruses, such as HIV or hepatitis C.
  • Lack or absence of donor area in the back of the scalp.
  • İn order to accomplish the two steps of the hair transplant turkey in one step:
  • Choi pens have been arısed, which offers planty of further advantages
  • Choi pens are like pressure pens and we use it for creating the canals and implantation of hair grafts.
  • All in one of the latest hair transplant techniques, which called; Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

FUE Sapphire Pen

Follicular Unit Extraction doesn’t involve stitching in the scalp, whereas traditional hair transplant turkey technique mainly requires a linear strip cut of tissue from the scalp for extraction of grafts.

It only involves the harvesting of the desired grafts one-by-one, leaving other parts of the scalp completely intact, preventing scarring, and maintaining the appearance of the donor area.

Localized hair transplant FUE method; enables extraction a restricted number of hair grafts if you only need hair transplant turkey in any localized area such as cheeks, beard, goatee, sideburns, or moustache or in areas where hair loss is minimal.

In fact, the newest hair transplant technology is commonly used to enhance eyelashes and eyebrows as well. FUE method has relatively low down time.

So İt would be your ultimate choice, whether you hate the idea of staying in bed for a few weeks or can’t manage to take a long vacation off work.

Choosing the newest hair transplant technology will allow you to resume your activities normally directly after the operation.

İt is possible to wear a loose hat to cover the treated scalp from getting exposed to sun or rain, but it is advisable. To avoid wearing wigs, tight caps or any other hairpieces for several weeks following the surgery.

Direct Hair Implantation Or  DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant: is the latest most advanced technique which consist of extracting the grafts from the donor area using a device called micro motor HD and then transplanting them directly while opening the channels with Choi implanters, by which we do both stages in the same act.

The DHI technique procedure is the latest hair transplant techniques in Turkey, which we operate with the Choi implanters. That come with varıetıes of diameters ranging from 3-6 Choi implanters and nearly 14-18 needles are Synchronically used as well.

That diversity in sizes of Choi İmplanters helps with fitting the follicular unit grafts which vary in the number of hair shafts it contain.

Specialized physicians insert the harvested grafts into the implanter pen delicately within the hollow needle.

Because of the function of the needle at the end of Choi Implanters is determining the correct direction of the hair Growth; we position the needle at an accurate angle of into the scalp.

Once we made the incision site, the surgeon implants the grafts by pressing down on the plunger, in this method we open the channels and the implant the grafts simultaneously.

Advantages of The DHI Method in Hair Transplantation

There are various other advantages of (DHI) apart from the fact that each follicle is implanted individually:

  • The result are more aesthetically natural.
  • In addition, we do not need to head shaving .
  • Even the healing time is faster.
  • That is why patients can return to their daily routines in a short time.
  • We induce less trauma and bleeding in blood vessels at the recipient area.
  • The harvested hair follicles remain out of the tissue time than other methods which in return ensures.
  • Higher vitality and growth rate to the newly transplanted grafts.
  • Meaning that hair transplant turkey operation provides better results with Hair survival rates reach up to 95%.
  • Even though the advantages of the DHI are mentioned above, It should be mentioned that this method.
  • Has also disadvantages.

Disadvantages of The DHI Method

We list the following disadvantages as follow:

  • DHI method requires longer periods because each graft we insert inside a special pen one by one.
  • Also, we need more medical stuff in the sessions.
  • Since DHI method is nowadays considered as the latest hair transplant techniques so that justifies being slightly more expensive compared to other methods.
  • Although it does not require an incision during hair transplantation turkey procedures, this does not necessarily.
  • Mean that the procedure is easier.
  • This process should be conducted by qualified.

What Are The Differences Between Direct Hair Implantation (DHI Technique) With Other Methods?

Unlike all other hair transplantation turkey methods, The most important differences between DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) and FUE (Follicular unit extraction) techniques are those:

  1. The hair follicles taken from the donor area can be transplanted into the receipt area while the channels are opened, so the DHI procedure allows the canal to be opened and implanted in one step, whereas Other methods include only the transfer of hair follicles to the recipient site.
  2. While with the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI Method) the aesthetic appearance of the transplanted area and hair line positioning can be achieved by individual implantation of each hair follicle; which means, you can achieve 100% natural hair in appropriate density and distribution.
  3. Due to the use of CHOI Pens which differentiate in diameters of its blades that ranges rom 0.5-1.2 mm according to each graft type.

All the channels are going to be opened with smaller incisions than other techniques, that in turn leads to high density (10 grafts more per each cm2 for example) comparing it to other techniques.

Needle-free injection technology (NFIT)

The Needle Free Anesthesia technology is one of the latest hair transplant techniques that deliver medicine through the skin using any of the forced pressure systems.

The pressure by gas or electrophoresis which activates the medicine through the skin virtually terminates the use of the hypodermic needle. The devices as such are available in reusable forms.

In comparison to the traditional injections, the needle-free injection system not only gives the Patient freedom from unnecessary pain but injects in the form of solid pallets.

The future of this technology will be so promising and sophisticated that virtually painless drug delivery and we guarantee the high efficiency.

The main disadvantage associated with this technique is the ‘wetness’ after ingesting the skin, which may contain dust and unwanted impurities if not taken care of well.

The world Health Organization approved the needle-free injection technology. This technology is described to be extremely beneficial for the pharma industry.

(NFIT) is highly useful in mass immunization programs; bypassing the chances of needle stick injuries and avoiding.

Other complications including those arising due to multiple uses of a single needle, which in sequence has contributed to better patient compliance that has been clearly observed.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant

Hair transplant comprises of two strategies. Both of these two strategies are distinctive from each other but.

Difference between FUE and FUT

FUT (Strip Method): Hair roots are made with the assistance of a surgical tool from the giver range. These roots are at that point separately isolated and arranged. With this procedure, when the hair is planted, there’s a direct scar on the donor area range on the back of the head.

FUE: In this strategy, the roots are collect one by one from the donor area with a miniaturized scale engine framework and implanted one by one to the bare region. Compared to the FUT strategy, the FUE strategy is much more invaluable, productive and the results are much better than the other one (FUT).

To clarify the differences between the two methods, we will separate the main points in detail The FUE treatment is performed almost without surgery and pain after surgery, and it takes an average of seven days to improve. When using the FUT method, a strip of tissue is taken behind the head. For this reason, it takes longer to improve and lasts for more than 10 days.

Because a tissue strip is taken from the back of the head, the wound will remain in this method. When more follicles are needed at one time (eg 2500 to 3000) the FUT method is used. In the FUE method, the desired side of hair harvesting can be chosen more easily.

In FUT, a narrow strip of hair is surgically removed from the hair donor. The donor area of the hair is on the back of the head or at both ends of the patient’s head, which is less likely to go bald.

How is the graft taken in FUT hair transplantation?

FUT is another way to obtain hair from a hair donor. Follicular units are referred to as specific areas of hair loss and are removed from the donor area of the scalp. A sharp tool, such as a sharp tip, is used to extract specific follicles from the skin of the skull.

In fact, the difference of this method with FUT hair transplantation lies in this issue, which is that in the FUT method, a narrow strip of hair is taken from the donor area of the scalp and hair follicles are taken from that tape in a microscopic way.

Wound effects in FUT hair transplantation
Due to the fact that there is no possibility of cutting the skin without leaving scars (even though they are small), FUT can cause spots or wounds on the scalp.

Benefits Of FUT and FUE

One of the considerations for every scalp hair transplant is the size of the incision site the procedure leaves. In both methods, the site of the wound remains for a certain period, but its duration is different.

Although, FUE has fewer wounds area compared to the FUT method. This fact is present in the FUT method, which is that the linear strips are taken from the hair follicle from the back of the head. These strips leave small scar strips and are visible when your hair is very short, while in the FUE method, an incision is never created and the wound site is less visible, just small, circular holes in the location from which the hair follicles were taken and in the exact location.

FUE is less invasive, as many patients experience faster improvement and less anesthesia in their scalp because in this method the scalp is exposed to less damage. In any case, the recovery period is short in both methods, and after 3-6 months, you should see normal hair growth in the hair, which is much less time than your life with a state of little hair.

Is There Any Pain During Hair Transplant Process?

The person who undergoes hair transplantation turkey with the FUE technique does not feel any pain, thanks to Local anaesthesia for the scalp during all the three stages of the process; which are the extraction, canals creation and the implantation.

The advantages of the constant improvements in the technology field yields more convenient and easier way of proceeding the local anaesthesia which guarantee to the patient that we do not need needle to be used and thus no consequent pain would be felt.

Brief summary of pre-operation guidance

There are a set of instructions that you should do before undergoing hair transplant turkey procedure such as:

  • Avoid smoking before the operation for at least three days.
  • Stop drinking alcohol at least three days before the operation.
  • Informing the attending physician of all medications that he has taken or is still doing before the operation. Get a blood test before doing a hair transplant turkey.