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Lip Fillers in Turkey

All about lip fillers in Istanbul in addition to the cost and price of performing lip fillers.

The right type of lip fillers you need will be determined by the area in need and the final results wanted. Hyaluronic acid contents, which are prepared with less dense consistency, create a shinier effect than traditional fillers.

For this reason, this type of filler is called ‘light filling’ or ‘moisture vaccine Bu’. It evens out the skin tone and increases collagen production, resulting in a brighter and more vivid appearance. Fillers are a low-risk, painless procedure with immediate, guaranteed results. At the contracted hospital, fillers are done by experienced plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Lidocaine is added to filler injections to minimize pain and the change is immediately noticeable. However, due to the water retention of fillers, the permanent result will be seen 7-10 days later. The retention of hyaluronic acid-containing fillings is approximately 1-1.5 years.

However, to make sure that the material being used for the filler is free of any carcinogenic or substances that would provoke an allergic reaction. The consistency of the applied tissue and its durability also play an important role in giving you the results you want. Nowadays, temporary fillers containing hyaluronic acid, which is also present in the dermis layer of our skin, are mostly used.

Nowadays, the most frequently used temporary fillings containing hyaluronic acid, which is also present in the dermis layer of our skin. Various molecular weight forms of this material allow for superficial and deep injections. Injected filler shows its natural effect by keeping water in the area to which it is applied.

Hyaluronic acid content, which is prepared in a softer consistency, creates a luster effect rather than filling effect. Therefore, these fillings are called ‘light filling’ or ‘moisture vaccine aş. This type of filler is applied to correct the tone differences in the area and increases the collagen production, resulting in a brighter and more vivid-looking skin is obtained. The cheek area and the back of the hand are the most preferred areas for such hyaluronic acid fillings.

Some small touches that require a short period of time in the practice environment to separate the break from noon create positive changes in the aesthetic appearance of the face area. Filling applications are one of them. As the name implies, fillers are substances applied to fill the volume deficient area. After filling injection, wrinkles are removed, lips become more prominent and even skin appears brighter. Safe and effective filling material should not be carcinogenic, should not be allergic, the texture of the applied tissue should be long lasting.

The most important advantage of lip fillers are rapid results, painless results, good results and low risk of side effects. Filling applications must be performed by experts. The legal authority to fill is in plastic surgery specialists and dermatology specialists.

Operating room condition

Operating room condition is not required for filling application, it is applied in the practice conditions. In order to reduce the feeling of pain, ok lidocaine dolgu is added to the local anesthetic. The volume effect after the application will show itself immediately. Thanks to the water retention property, the permanent result will be seen after 7-10 days. Hyaluronic acid-containing fillers last about 1-1.5 years.

With age, the grooves formed in the lip and cheek-lip transition line (nasolabial groove and Marionette line) can be removed by filling. The fill on the cheekbones together with these grooves creates a tensile effect on the face. The relationship between the upper and lower lip determines the profile image. The filler to be applied proportionally to the lips revitalizes the profile image. Stretching of the lips will reduce the visibility of the cracks in the lips.

The eyelid-to-cheek passage line is another preferred area for filling application. The filling applied to the deep plan regulates the eyelid-cheek transition and provides concealment of under-eye bagging.

Apart from hyaluronic acid, fillers containing polycaprolactone and calcium hydroxyapetite are other that we can safely use. These fillers stimulate collagen and are effective for a longer time.

Lip Fillers Cost in Turkey

The price and cost of breast lip fillers in Istanbul Turkey may vary from clinic to clinic. Our Prices are listed here

Lip Fillers Before and After in Turkey

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