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Lip Lifting Surgery in Turkey

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What is  Lip Lifting?

Types of Lip Lifting

How to know if you are a suitable candidate for lip lift?

Lip Lifting Procedure in Detail

Recovery Process

Lip Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey


What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a procedure that narrows the “philtrum,” or space between the nose and the top of the lip.

The technique makes more pink tissue exposed, giving the lips the appearance of being bigger and more prominent. Additionally, it makes your top central teeth more visible while your lips are at rest.

It’s an excellent alternative for those who wish to give their lips height rather than volume.

Types of Lip Lifting

Direct Lip Lift

A direct lip lift, also known as a gullwing lip lift, produces a lip border that is more clearly defined.

Just above the upper lip, a little section of skin is removed, and the skin is then pushed upwards to give the appearance of a more prominent vermillion (the pink portion of the lips).

Usually, this treatment produces a scar near the top lip.

Subnasal bullhorn

One of the more often performed lip lift procedures is the subnasal bullhorn.

An incision will usually be made by a surgeon along the base of the nose, where it is less obvious. The center, right, and left of the lip are all dragged up toward the nose, and the incision is frequently done in the shape of a bullhorn.

Central lip lift

A subnasal bullhorn lift and a central lip lift are related procedures. By making an incision at the lower nose, it reduces the distance between the nose and the lips.

Corner lip lift

Because it makes the face look more cheerful, a corner lip lift is also referred to as a “grin lift”.

At the corners of the mouth, two tiny incisions are made, and a small amount of skin is scraped away. For bigger lips, some people will undergo this along with another lip lift.

It is a choice for those who believe their lips are turned down.

Italian lip lift

The only difference between an Italian lip lift and a bullhorn is that the Italian lip lift necessitates two incisions below each nostril. Typically, there isn’t a visible scar involved.

How to know if you are a suitable candidate for lip lift?

For older persons who desire to narrow the gap between their lips and nose, a lip lift may be an excellent alternative. This area often grows larger with age and can give the appearance of thinner lips.

Younger folks may prefer a lip lift if fillers haven’t given them the desired result or if they think fillers make their lips look excessively full or duck-like.

People who are sick of maintaining filler may find lip lifts beneficial because they are also a permanent option.

Lip Lifting Procedure in Detail

Before The Surgery

Prior to surgery, fast (or don’t eat) for six hours.

As smoking can influence anesthesia, your doctor may advise you to give up smoking in the weeks leading up to and following surgery.Reliable Source.

Don’t consume alcohol for 48 hours prior to the procedure because it can affect the anesthetic.

Avoid aspirin and any blood-thinning drugs up to two weeks beforehand.

The lip lift surgery is performed in a surgeon’s office, and due to the relatively mild discomfort experienced by patients, local anesthetic is frequently used in place of general anesthesia.

Depending on the timing of the lip lift, a tiny patch of skin will be taken from somewhere between the nose and the mouth. Up to a week will pass with sutures still in place.

After surgery

– After the surgery, schedule a -24-hour period of relaxation.
In the following weeks, refrain from smoking and heavy exercise.
-Stay away from opening your mouth too wide or sleeping on your face.
-Brush carefully with a tiny toothbrush.
-Keep the moisture on your lips.
-Observe the doctor’s instructions when cleaning the incisions.

Lip Lift Surgery Recovery Process

The importance placed on the lip’s beauty has grown in recent years, especially. Lip aesthetics is one of the most popular aesthetic applications because of this.

Lip Lift: It enhances the volume of the top lips and emphasizes the lip lines. An operation called a lip lift is performed on the top lip.

Because a Lip Lift is a surgical procedure, swelling of the lips is possible afterward. Swelling of the lips following

Lip Lift surgery is a possibility. This newly generated edema often starts to recede within a week (7 days) and then goes away on its own.

On the first day of the Lip Lift procedure and for the following 5–6 days, ice compresses are used to soothe the lips.

Applying an ice compress reduces edema. Edema goes away in a week, but a little swelling can endure. This slight swelling has to go down and the lip line to settle for about 4-6 weeks.

Lip Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey

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What is Upper Lip Lift?

In order to decrease the distance, lip lift surgery seeks to remove extra skin from the upper regions of the lips. Excess skin is cut and removed after making the incision between the upper lips and nose. The wound at the base of the nose is patched. The distances are shortened with this technique. The top lip is raised immediately following surgery.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Patients to Choose a Lip Lift?

By shortening the upper lip, many patients choose to get a lip lift to enhance the look of their face. This face enhancement can enhance lip definition and bring back the youthful appearance of the lips. Additionally, this procedure might alter the way that the lips operate, enhancing both the lips’ and teeth’s aesthetics. A lip lift frequently enables the patient’s lips to be more visible.

How long does it take to see results from a lip lift?

Patients will start to experience effects as soon as three weeks after the procedure. Further clarity and an enhanced lip ratio will be visible after three to four months as the skin tissue starts to relax.

What are this Surgery’s Risks and Related Complications?

Infection, scarring, and fluid retention following surgery are typical hazards connected with this procedure. In order to avoid any negative effects, it is crucial to let the surgeon know if you have ever had silicone implants or fillers during your consultation. Patients having silicone implants could develop more edema as a result of silicone.

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