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Mesotherapy for Hair Treatment in Turkey

Mesotherapy is the injection of the necessary substances under the skin by using very fine needles. Mesotherapy is applied for aesthetic purposes, facial lifting, the antiaging effect on the face area, pigmentation, cellulite treatment, and hair treatment.

The goal of facial mesotherapy is to tighten the face, open wrinkles, and shine with an antiaging effect.

The formula injected usually include peptides, vitamins, and hydroclauric acid, which has a moisturizing effect. While commonly injected in the face, mesotherapy is also used for the treatment of hair loss, as it provides nutrition to the follicles and stimulates the production of stronger and denser follicles.

It is recommended to apply for 3 sessions with an interval of 15 days. Mesotherapy is also performed to break down fat and to treat cellulite

The treatment known as Mesotherapy which is based on the use of needles with a very fine tip to inject the aforementioned group of substances through the skin and the needle is injected into the mesoderm layer of the skin.

A person may need several treatment sessions to get the desired results, and the number of treatment sessions usually ranges between 3-15 sessions, depending on the case.

At the beginning of treatment, mesotherapy injections may be used every week, and in the event that positive results emerge, the injections are spaced out until they reach once every two weeks or every month, and the duration of treatment varies, and the number of injections depends on the reason for using mesotherapy injections.

It is possible to apply local anesthesia drugs to the treated area in some cases, and the injection depth varies according to the case, ranging from 1-4 mm.

Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatment

Fat removal and weight loss

In this case, between 2-4 injections are given within two to four weeks, and the number of injections and the duration of treatment may increase according to the treated area.

It should be noted that this method is not effective in getting rid of large amounts of fat, as mesotherapy injections are often used to beautify the body in cases where a person wants to remove fat from specific areas of his body in small quantities.

Reducing cellulite

Despite the limited effectiveness of mesotherapy injections in reducing the percentage of cellulite from the body, it may be useful for treating simple cases of cellulite aggregation, and in this case, the person needs 3-4 injections, each of which is between 3-4 weeks.

Lower blepharoplasty

In this case, the person needs two injections of mesotherapy within a month and a half, and one injection may be sufficient in some cases, and it should be noted that the treated area may swell after the injection for a period of up to six weeks.

Facial rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is one of the most popular and successful reasons for using mesotherapy injections, as it results in an improvement in the appearance of the face, and the treatment usually requires four treatment sessions to obtain the desired results.

What are the side effects of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy has rare severe side effects.