Mesotherapy, where subcutaneous microinjections are delivered with extremely fine needles, has a myriad of benefits, such as tightening the skin, eliminating pigmentation and scarring, and treating cellulite by stimulating blood flow and providing essential nutrients.

The formula injected usually include peptides, vitamins, and hydroclauric acid, which has a moisturizing effect. While commonly injected in the face, mesotherapy is also used for the treatment of hair loss, as it provides nutrition to the follicles and stimulates the production of stronger and denser follicles.

More Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a medium skin treatment as the word meaning. It is the injection of the necessary substances under the skin by using very fine needles. These substances do not spread through the blood circulation by acting in the area where they are applied.

Mesotherapy applied

Mesotherapy is applied for aesthetic purposes, facial lifting, antiaging effect on face area, pigmentation, cellulite treatment and hair treatment. The goal of facial mesotherapy is to tighten the face, open wrinkles and shine with antiaging effect. Solutions prepared for this purpose include peptides, skin building blocks such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It is recommended to apply 3 sessions with an interval of 15 days. Mesotherapy is also performed to break down fat and to treat cellulite