Needle Free Injection

Needle free injection (NFIT)

The needle free injection technology surrounds a wide range of medicine delivery systems that drives medicine through the skin using any of the forced pressure system. The  pressure by gas or electrophoresis which activates the medicine through the skin, virtually terminates the use of hypodermic needle.

The devices as such are available in reusable forms. In comparison to the traditional injections, the needle free injection system not only gives the Patient freedom from unnecessary pain but injects in the form of solid pallets. The future of this technology will be so promising and sophisticated that virtually painless drug delivery and high efficiency are guaranteed.

The main disadvantage associated with this technique is the ‘wetness’ after ingesting the skin, which may contain dust and unwanted impurities if not taken care of well. Needle free injection technology is being approved by organizations as World Health Organization. This technology described to be extremely beneficial for the pharma industry.

(NFIT) is highly useful in mass immunization programs, bypassing the chances of needle stick injuries and avoiding other complications including those arising due to multiple uses of single needle. Better patient compliance has been observed.


Pain during needle phobia and needle injection is often an important barrier to hair transplant procedures that may impede access to effective treatment services. Phobia of needles, defined as an intense, persistent and unreasonable fear of needles, affects more than 20% of the population. Needle-free devices are used to inject any fluids (anesthetic, corticosteroids) by spraying into the dermis without pain, or using needles or touching the patient’s skin. It penetrates the skin with a high-pressure liquid. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during the hair transplantation process. Needle-free hair transplantation technique is a suitable option for patients who have problems with hair loss and baldness, but who wish to avoid receiving help during hair transplantation due to the fear of needles.

Who is this technique for needle-free hair transplantation?
Hair loss can be an emotionally difficult thing for both men and women to accept. This can affect self-confidence, especially when hair loss occurs at a young age. Fortunately, there are some hair transplant techniques, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), that provide a very effective solution for people concerned with hair loss. In addition, there are many techniques and methods of FUE hair transplantation. However, it is known that patients with needlophobia remain outside of hair transplantation procedures. Today, techniques of anesthesia and needle-free hair transplantation make hair transplantation possible for these patients.

How to apply needle-free hair transplantation technique?
In needle-free hair transplantation, after applying “needle-free anesthesia, the hair follicles are taken one by one using special implantation tools and transplanted into the transplanted areas one by one according to the person’s developed drawing and hair plan. Patients in need do not experience pain at any stage of the transplant. Needle-free hair transplantation technology provides a highly effective treatment with minimally invasive options.

How is the healing process done in Needle Free Hair Transplant?
Needle-Free Hair Transplantation

Needle-free hair transplant technique offers patients a minimally invasive and safe hair restoration procedure. With the needle-free hair transplant technique, the hair grows gradually and begins to focus within about a year. After this period, cleansed hair enters the natural hair cycle. Can be cut and shaped however you wish. In unnecessary hair transplantation, hair transplantation and the technique used are very important, as is the case with all other techniques. It is very important that the training and experience of the hair transplant surgeon who conducts the hair transplantation process given the fear of the patient’s needles, and can get rid of the problem of hair loss and hairdressing as you imagined.

What are the advantages of hair transplantation technique? Needle-free hair:
Local anesthesia technique: Local anesthesia techniques are used in hair transplantation. Minimally invasive treatment: Needle-free hair transplantation not only provides pain-free surgery, but also reduces the risk of disruption to your daily life. The advantage of a specialist surgeon and team: Needle-free hair transplantation technique is applied by surgeons and hair transplant teams in a complete clinical environment suitable for all types of hair: needle-free hair transplantation, in addition to all types of hair, can be used for men and women who fear needles.

It can resolve hair, scalp and other areas, including facial, body and eyebrow hair, as well as hair loss from patients who are afraid of needles.