Needle Free Injection

Needle-free injection (NFIT)

The needle-free injection technology surrounds a wide range of medicine delivery systems that drive medicine through the skin using any of the forced pressure systems.

The pressure by gas or electrophoresis which activates the medicine through the skin virtually terminates the use of the hypodermic needle.

The devices as such are available in reusable forms. In comparison to the traditional injections, the needle-free injection system not only gives the Patient freedom from unnecessary pain but injects in the form of solid pallets. The future of this technology will be so promising and sophisticated that virtually painless drug delivery and high efficiency are guaranteed.

The main disadvantage associated with this technique is the ‘wetness’ after ingesting the skin, which may contain dust and unwanted impurities if not taken care of well.

Needle-free injection technology is being approved by organizations like World Health Organization.

This technology described to be extremely beneficial for the pharma industry.

(NFIT) is highly useful in mass immunization programs, bypassing the chances of needle stick injuries and avoiding other complications including those arising due to multiple uses of a single needle. Better patient compliance has been observed.



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