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From Fantasy To Reality

Hair Transplant Turkey

+13 Years of Experience

13 years of experience, ClinMedica strives to achieve continuous success in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery

+ 20K Successful Operations

More than 20K operations have been performed by ClinMedica with the most carefully selected the best doctors in Turkey

12 Certificates and Awards

Many certificates obtained by ClinMedica (Turkish Ministry of Health, ISO, Turkish and International of Medical Tourism.


Other ClinMedica services


ClinMedica for Plastic Surgeries

You always look for the best, because you deserve it.. All you have to do is just contacting us, and letting us take care of the smallest details of your beauty.


ClinMedica for cosmetic dentistry

Today, dental health is protected by many different methods and treatments are applied. In ClinMedica, necessary studies are carried out for the treatment of all dental diseases you need.

ClinMedica's Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey

Because ClinMedica’s strive is endless, we choose carefully our medical staff including , doctors, nurses and qualified technicians. Therefore It is not surprising our doctor’s are amongst the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

All sorts of hairlines Transplant

The hairline is determined by the doctor, where several factors are calculated, the most important of which is the consistency of the hairline with the details and muscles of the face, and according to the age of each person as well, the hairline can be chosen in coordination with the doctor

ClinMedica Hair Transplant in Turkey
Determine the lines of laser hair transplantation
Determine the lines of laser hair transplantation

Hair Transplant Techniques And Methods

Hair transplant, has a very wide base of options whether its about technique, number of grafts or areas to be implanted.

Different types of hair transplant

Art And Expertise

We must combine experience with art because esthetic surgery aims to achieve beauty in the end. That is why the esthetic surgeon needs to have the artistry which gives the body the magical touches that make a patient happy.


Why You Should Choose ClinMedica?

We Provide Comprehensive Treatment Planning And Follow The Most Strict Standards That Ensure Your Hair Transplant – Plastic Surgery Or Cosmetic Dentistry Will Go Smoothly With Guaranteed Desirable Results.

Best Doctors
HAIR TRANSPLANT TURKEY DOCTORS : ClinMedica is contracted with the most experienced FUE hair transplant and plastic surgery doctors in Turkey istanbul; surely certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.
Dedicated Team
COMMITTED HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY TEAM : We have the best doctors and medical teams who are specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgeries, with having extensive experience of up to 15 years.
Best Quality
HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY TECHNIQUES: We pay intensive attention to details when it comes to our work and invest professionally in our materials and equipments to give our patients the best possible care and treatment with the best quality available in the market.
Latest Techniques
HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUE TURKEY: We utilize the best technological tools for every procedure we perform to ensure being up to date constatly with all the breakthrough technology that ascetain the best quality of services we provide our patients with.
100% GUARANTEE HAIR TRANSPLANT: Who wants multiple surgeries? I certainly wouldn’t if I had another option. That’s why ClinMedica provides patients with the best results the first time around. That’s our guarantee.
YOU ARE IN SAFE HANDS: We have dedicated and integrated team to ensure the progress of the Aftercare plan through mobile applications, to make it easier in your hands. We adhere to the rules of regulations for dealing with international patients.
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Just Book Your Flight Ticket And Leave The Rest To Us, We Arrange Everything For You


A shuttle will be provided for all your transfers required since the moment you arrive to the airport.


We guarantee you 5 stars hotel accommodation with the best hospitality at the best location in istanbul.


We speak your language so that we make your experience with us easier and more interesting.

ClinMedica Reviews

Hair Transplant - Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews In Turkey

Most Common Questions

Before the procedure you will have a free consultation with the doctor who will be accompanied with the translator that you will require. The doctor will do the medical check up and also go through the consultation questions with you. Then the hair line will get drawn in artistic way and with a natural looking way as your desire.

Absolutely. A Hair transplant is a once in a life-time procedure that provides you with permanent results. It is a great replacement to all the costly treatments that are mostly not only ineffective but also temporary.

Body plastic surgery is a surgical intervention involving : restoration, reconstruction, or alteration for a certain area or several areas like :

– Breasts

– Stomach

– Arms

– Buttocks

– Back

– thighs

– Waist

But like any other operation, there are several things to take into consideration before undergoing any plastic surgery such as :

– Blood tests

– Height

– Weight

– Body condition

– Diseases

– Heart condition


So basically after taking into consideration everything we mentioned previously anyone can get a certain surgery done on a specific area or several areas but why the BMI ( BODY MASS INDEX ) is as important as heart condition for example?

First, we should be asking what is the BMI ( BODY MASS INDEX )?

The body mass index is a measure of body fat in the body according to the height and weight that applies to adult women and men.

people with a high BMI range will have to lose weight first in order to reach the optimum BMI for such a procedure. So in ClinMedica, we offer them Gastric procedures such as :

– Gastric sleeve

– Gastric Balloon

These operations help people with obesity to lose weight significantly and fast in 9 – 12 months which we will take in-depth in other articles related to gastric procedures.

Plastic surgery is simply an intervention with the body or the face in order to change a look or to get rid of something that bothers you whether it’s for a medical reasons or not.

Areas we can perform plastic surgery operations on are :

– Face

– Body

Cosmetic facial plastic surgery helps enhance the look of facial features such as face lifting, eye lifting, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, and liposuction.

The entire hair transplant is done by the doctor herself and her team. The team will help extract and insert the grafts. however, the most important part of the operation which is opening the channels will be done by the doctor herself/himself.

More than 750,000 tourists from 144 countries choose Turkey for medical tourism, that’s because in Turkey the patient doesn’t only get cheap prices but also gets additional services. In addition to that, the patient will also get incomparable facilities with an outstanding experience at high standard clinics.

Beauty News

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