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Teeth Whitening in Turkey

All about teeth and dental whitening in Istanbul Turkey along with prices and costs

Everyone’s dream is to have a white smile. Because healthy and white teeth are very important in terms of aesthetics. However, some of them have yellow teeth genetically, and some of them turn yellow over time due to eating and drinking during the day. However, even if the teeth are regularly brushed and cleaned with mouthwashes, the dreamed whiteness cannot be achieved. This situation affects our self-confidence deeply. In order not to be dragged into unhappiness, we seek teeth whitening.

But before we start this search, we should know that if we remove the factors that cause the teeth to turn yellow, the teeth whitening process will result in a more positive result. For example, daily consumed foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, wine cause the teeth to turn yellow over time. However, as a result of smoking, the natural whiteness of the teeth is shaded. First of all, we must remove the factors that have an external effect on the yellowing of teeth from our lives. Then we can evaluate more medical methods. With the teeth whitening method, the color of the teeth can be lightened up to several shades. It has become quite popular in recent years.

It can be done in the company of a doctor or the patient can perform this procedure himself. The substances used during the teeth whitening process release oxygen and the bleaching process is performed. However, it should be known that the teeth whitening process should be applied on individuals who pay attention to their oral health. Because this is a cosmetic procedure and is not suitable for everyone. The dentist decides to whom this procedure can be applied. There are also teeth whitening methods that are not under the control of a physician.

Pastes and mouthwashes available from pharmacies are also effective in teeth whitening. For this, you need to consult your pharmacist. However, although the whitening rate of such products is low, their permanence is also very short. Dentists usually recommend such products after the teeth whitening process under the control of a physician. You can also get more detailed information about your own tooth color and the teeth whitening method to be applied from your dentist.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Various methods are used to remove the yellowing on the tooth surface. First of all, it should be checked whether this yellowing can be controlled by using whitening toothpastes. However, since they do not penetrate into the deep layers of the teeth, they only act on superficial stains. This effect is instantaneous and temporary. Such pastes can only lighten the tooth tone up to one tone. In addition, whitening gels and tapes are also used. The patient performs the teeth whitening process by applying these gels to the tooth surface with the help of a brush.

This process takes about two weeks. The tape process is also applied by sticking it on the teeth. Although these processes may seem like an instant effect at first, the final result is obtained at the end of four months. However, it should be known that these bleaching procedures, which are not under the control of a physician, are not recommended for the patient. Because the patient does not have the content information of the product used.

Home Type Teeth

Whitening Systems: It is dentist-supported whitening. First of all, the dentist takes the patient’s tooth size and prepares a transparent oral plaque. The physician explains to the patient how these plates should be used. These plates are used by the patient for up to four weeks. Every week, the doctor goes to the control. But the result varies in each patient. Because the intensity of the stains on the teeth of each patient and the tone of the opening of the tooth are different.

Office Type Bleaching Systems: It is the process that gives the fastest results. Before the session, the patient is asked to clean the teeth. Afterwards, protective gels are applied to protect the tooth from the effect of the agent to be applied. Whitening agents are applied directly on the tooth. Light and heat are used together. The result is obtained after approximately one hour of application. The application is usually done in two or three sessions.

At the end of the session, the patient is asked to stay away from coloring foods and beverages that change the color of the teeth, such as tea and coffee. Sensitivity may occur in patients after teeth whitening procedures. Various toothpastes and mouthwashes can be used to relieve these sensitivities. You can get detailed information from your dentist for the most suitable teeth whitening method for you.

Things to Consider in the Teeth Whitening Process

The aesthetic appearance of the teeth is very important for people who pay attention to their appearance. Yellowing of the teeth can even cause psychological disorders in people. Although the methods to be applied at home show a temporary effect, you can achieve more permanent results with the whitening process performed under the guidance of a physician. There are some points to be considered while performing these operations. One of the most used products in natural teeth whitening at home is baking soda.

However, when baking soda is not used correctly, it damages tooth enamel. It is recommended to consult a dentist before applying such natural methods. In teeth whitening methods performed under the control of a physician, it is important that you do a preliminary research on how this process takes place. You can ask your doctor for detailed information about the substance used and you can also research whether you have any allergies. After the teeth whitening process is performed, there are different points to be considered. Patients usually have tenderness, but this is temporary.

Pain may occur on the first day. Painkillers can be used for this. Cold and hot food and drink should be avoided for several days. Products that change the color of teeth such as cigarettes, tea, coffee and wine should be avoided as much as possible. It should not be used, especially for a few days after teeth whitening. However, the toothpaste used is also very important. It is very important for permanent whiteness to choose a toothpaste that will increase the teeth whitening effect. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and oral care should be done.

As long as these are done, the whiteness of the teeth becomes permanent. As long as these rules are not followed, the whiteness of the teeth will return to its former state in time. Another thing to be aware of and be aware of is this. Teeth whitening is not done on milk teeth. In addition, teeth whitening is not performed during pregnancy. You must be at least 18 years old for the procedure to be applied.

Teeth Whitening Price in Turkey

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Teeth Whitening in Turkey | Before And After

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