Vaser Liposuction

The removal of fat cells by using a ultra sound is known as VASER liposuction. Because VASER only emits a sound wave that affects the fat
cells, the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Because it liquefies the fat cells, it is possible to remove more fat than traditional liposuction method. Instead of using manual movement to break down the fat tissue, VASER liposuction uses high frequency vibrations to break fat cells apart, leading to less pain and minimal bruise formation.

The Vaser liposuction treatment is usually performed over one session with an additional touch up treatment to maximise results after around six months if required. Touch up treatments are usually small and reasonably quick procedures designed to make sure your results are the best that can be achieved. If multiple areas are to be treated then you may need to have your treatment split over 2 sessions 1-6 weeks apart.