What is the Hair Transplantation ?

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What is the Hair Transplantation and How is it done?

Especially in male patients, hair loss is a condition that shows the age of the person. The regeneration of the lost hair is due to the Hair Transplant Operation.

The problem of hair loss begins after puberty, at the age of 18, and one in nine men is affected by this problem. Hair loss can be in the form of loss of hair as well as thinning of the hair. Considering that man’s only makeup is hair, hair loss is a problem that affects both physically and spiritually. Male pattern hair loss may be on the front or top of the forehead, or completely cover the whole head.

In women, the hair loss is usually seen as a sparse. The type of hair loss should be determined before hair transplantation. Some disease, hormonal and metabolic disorders, drug use and nutritional effects can trigger hair loss.

Today, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is applied as a hair transplantation technique. In this technique, both hair uptake and hair transplantation have natural results. FUE is the process of transferring the live hair follicles taken from the haired area to the balding area. These living roots are the roots of the hair between the two ears. In FUE, no incision is made in the donor area, no stitches are made and there is no trace in the area where the roots are taken. Roots are placed in the channels opening backwards from the determined hair line.

After hair Transplantation

The first hair wash is done 2 days after the operation. It is recommended to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a day for about 15 days with special lotions and shampoos. Care should be taken not to make massage movement in the planting area. For the area to be softened, special lotion is applied for 30 minutes. With the recommended shampoo, the nape region is washed with normal washing movements, while the seeding area is carefully shampooed with gentle movements. After all these washing movements are completed, they are rinsed under pressureless shower. You can wash your hair with your own shampoo after 10 days. The hair dryer can be used after 5 days at low blowing in cold air blowing.

Hair Transplantation

Planted hair will be shed first. Permanent hair will grow-up in an average of 2-6 months

  1. Hair transplant operation is not performed only for a patient group, whose hair is completely shedded or dumped. This operation is also referred to as “hair restoration” as it has been applied to sparse patient profiles.
  2. It’s normally mistaken that hair transplant treatment is solely for people whose hair is completely shedded. Actually, this operation is also suitable for patients that want to regain their profile.
  3. The grafts that are used in the operation are the ones that are unwilling to falling. Their location is normally within the area between the ears. we take the grafts from the donor area or the area which is under the beard to transplant it again in the area which is losing the hair or have baldness.