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Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Revision Rhinoplasty is surgical operation used to treat an undesired condition that either develops or continues after the initial procedure.

Following the initial procedure, the goal is to restore the nose’s look or functionality. Revision rates typically differ based on the surgeon’s experience level.

However, regardless of experience or skill, surgeons may occasionally require correction. This is because rhinoplasty procedures are intricate, and unanticipated events might occasionally arise after the procedure has begun. The complicated structure of the nose can often lead to problems throughout the healing process.

One of the things to take into account is the outcome of the operation, the restoration of physiological processes, and the identification and treatment of any issues that have arisen in the nose. These are crucial for one’s level of comfort in life.

To address the issues that are currently there, cartilage is typically needed during revision rhinoplasty surgery. 

The cartilage is extracted from the ear scoop if the amount of cartilage extracted from the inside of the nose is insufficient.

Alternatively, the cartilage that is going to be extracted from the ribs can be utilized. The cartilage that results resolves the current issue.

Duration of revision rhinoplasty

The amount of procedures required to correct the current abnormalities will determine how long the revision surgery takes in total. The requirement for an additional operation location is one of the criteria that determines the overall duration.

Most of the time, there may not be enough cartilage inside the nose due to the operation and deformation during revision rhinoplasty. In this instance, cartilage from the ribs or behind the ear must be removed. 

Suitability for the procedure

Any patient who is eighteen years of age or older can benefit from revision rhinoplasty.

This procedure can be carried out up until the patient becomes 16 if they have extremely serious health issues

How is Revision Rhinoplasty performed?

Following a thorough examination, the plastic surgery doctor will explain the nature of the issue, why it happened, and go over possible treatments with you.

It generates customized solutions based on your demands by outlining what must be done.

Firstly, the results of surgery vary from person to person by their very nature. The cartilage inside the nose is used to realign and alter the nose’s form during cosmetic nose surgery.

Revision operations remove cartilage from the ear or rib if all of the cartilage in the nose was used in the initial procedures. Because there is a chance of an allergic reaction, tissues and cartilage from the patient’s own body are utilized for bone or cartilage replenishment. General anesthesia is used to conduct revision rhinoplasty.

Best Country for revision rhinoplasty

Turkey is currently in a position where medical tourism has grown significantly, in addition to the intensity of travel brought on by the procedure.

Thirty to forty percent of patients seeking rhinoplasty are foreigners. Of course, good deeds can be done in many nations, but Turkey is the most beneficial country for the sick. Here, the best-performing and reasonably priced procedures are carried out.

Recovery & Followup

Following surgery, patients spend one night in the hospital and are given medicine at this time.

The first follow-up is performed seven days after surgery, at which point the cast and tampons are taken out. Patients are then asked to return for follow-up appointments one or two more times before they depart.

Risks and Complications

Similar risks to those associated with an initial rhinoplasty procedure also apply to revision rhinoplasty procedures, such as anesthesia-related problems, bleeding, and infection. Scar tissue or changes made during the first operation could result in more complications. When a skilled surgeon performs this procedure, the risks are reduced and the likelihood of a positive result is increased.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey 2024

Revision rhinoplasty prices in Turkey vary according to the technique, duration, difficulty, experience of the surgeon, hospital prices, country and city of the surgery.

It is impossible to determine a net price without examination. There may even be price differences on a city-by-city basis.

You can get different prices in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya.

What matters here is the experience of the surgeon. The physical condition of the patient is also a factor in determining the price of the surgery.

Despite all, you can have revision rhinoplasty surgery at the most affordable prices in Turkey and have an excellent nose.

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