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ClinMedica | Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery And Dental Cosmetics In Turkey




With more than 13 years experience in the field of : hair transplant , dental cosmetics & plastic surgery and with thousands brilliant results, ClinMedica is considered one of the top destinations based in Istanbul Turkey to get the best outcome for the change you want.
with the time we were successful to gather the best doctors in every field related to aesthetic surgeries.
With years ClinMedica Proved to be one of the best in what they do no matter how hard you thought it is to acheive a certain look
it was never ever hard with ClinMedica thanks to the years of experience and the highly experienced medical staff working at our facilities we are approaching perfection.
its never easy but it is possible.
whether its your hair or body or even your teeth, ClinMedica takes care of you at the highest. Our priority is clear and simple, its you .
with 5 stars facilities alongside latest high tech innovations equipment and hygiene. we oversee our patients to reach the most spectacular outcome.


ClinMedica is your gate to all the beauty services in Turkey, and with more than 13 years of experience in Istanbul, Turkey; we promise to provide you with the best services in Hair Transplantation, and plastic surgery to be able to proudly satisfy 95% of our clients and give them the chance to live their life happily.


  • We offer the highest quality of medical care from professional and experienced doctors and assistants.
  • An Contracted hospitals is supplied with modern equipment and facilities.
  • We provide 24/7 access to telephone assistance directly from counselors and doctors.
  • Quality services and guaranteed results are all offered at very competitive prices, with no hidden costs.

Mission & Vision

Is to improve the health and well-being of all patients suffering from beauty issues by following the international quality standards using the latest technologies, and cooperating with the best Turkish hospitals in Istanbul.

We in ClinMedica commit to providing you with a free consultation and a package of services that includes booking your hotel, transportations, translators, and following up with you until getting your desired results.

In ClinMedica is to commit to change our patient’s lives professionally and honestly by restoring the confidence of all those suffering from beauty issues using the latest technologies, because your self-confidence matters!


Embrace change, encourage invention and continually remain at the forefront of advances in health for the good of our patients


Demonstrate caring and sensitivity for the diverse backgrounds of our patients and colleagues and generosity in our communities


Adhere to high ethical and professional standards, demonstrating commitment to our responsibilities with trust, honesty and respect for all.

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