Hair transplant in turkey


Hair transplant is an aesthetic surgery for men and women who somehow had lost their hair in the past. No matter the technique used the operation steps are very basic. Which are;
a) Anesthesia
b) Extraction from the donor area
c) Implantation to the required area
The modern technique for Hair transplant is called Follical Unit Extraction (FUE),

and it has three different types differing in the implantation process.

  1. Classical FUE: The channels for each follicule are opened by steel blades and the follicule is implanted by hand.
  2. Sapphire FUE: Channels are opened by a specialized sapphire tip medical pen.
  3. DHI: (Direct Hair Implant). The implantation process is done by a special tool called Choi pen and this method does not require any spare time for channel opening due to Choi pen’s ability to open channel and implanting hair at the same time.

Why to do it?

You do it because the hair loss upset you or you don’t want to bald, getting a hair transplant gives you the look you wanted back and makes you comfortable about how you look, you’ll become confident about yourself.


Hair transplant in turkey is the pioneer in this medical field

Turkey is one of the “must-see” countries in the World with its history and nature.

You can have your great holiday while having your operation and spend your days discovering the secrets of the city and the country.

And with the currency gap this holiday may cost you much cheaper than your closest aesthetician.

And the biggest plus is that Turkey is considered to be the World center of this operation with its expert doctors and their countless experience.

2. Over 1 million tourists from all over the world chose medical tourism,  that’s because in Turkey the patient doesn’t only get cheap prices but also gets extra services.
Turkey is the place where all kinds of new techniques and technology are tested then shape into other countries. However, Turkey is a big country that contains so many nice places and great weather.
Also, the patient will also get incomparable facilities and an outstanding experience of high standard clinics.


  • No scratching and nailing. Only dabbing.
  • Soft and round movements with your fingertips
  • With warm water with lowest pressure possible
  • No hair dryer
  • The foam should be applied 30 minutes before the washing and the prescribed shampoo by the doctor must be used.

How is hair transplant in turkey properly conducted?

There are several stages to a hair transplant turkey procedure.

1. The first stage is local anesthesia:

It is injected in the donor area – back of the scalp (oval shaped from the right ear to the left ear), through very thin needles.

After the anesthesia, a serum is injected in order to inflate the skin and facilitate the process of extracting the hair follicles.
The type of local anesthesia injected through needles is frustrating for many people.

Nowadays a modern technique has been developed in which anesthesia is applied through pressure rather than injection,

no needles are used. This is the NFI (Needle-free Injection).

This local anesthesia technique is considered the most advanced in hair transplant turkey, beard transplant, and eyebrow transplant.

2. The second stage is:

A. the hair graft extraction.

When hair transplant in Turkey first began to prosper about 12 years ago, the hair grafts were extracted manually.

This technique was named FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

With this method, a strip of skin is cut from the back of the head, and then the hair follicles are extracted individually.

The technique of manual extraction was a qualitative leap in the world of hair transplantation, but the process of hair transplant in turkey took from two to three days,

meaning that there was a long period of time between the extraction and implantation, and so a large proportion of the hair follicles were damaged.

Micro Motor technology for hair follicle extraction

which is considered the best and most advanced An electrical device is used to extract the follicles very quickly,

in which the head of the device contains a tube not exceeding 0.6 mm in diameter that enters the depths of the scalp and pulls the follicles out within one second.


Of course, the follicles are picked out one after the other and at close and balanced distances, so that no effect of the extraction is left after the operation.

The technique of extracting the follicles with Micro Motor, a Sapphire head device:

Hair transplant in Turkey is booming,

as modern and more effective techniques are invented in speeding up healing, and many other things.


Recently, the technique of extraction using a Micro Motor device was invented, but with heads made of sapphire.

The follicles are extracted more smoothly and with greater accuracy, without breaking their roots.

Errors have long been repeated by surgeons,

during the extraction of the hair follicles. When the hair follicle is broken, it is no longer suitable for transplantation.

This modern technique prevents the follicles from breaking, and also prevents unnecessary incisions that occur after the hair follicles are extracted.

This contributes to the re-production of the follicles from the place from which they were extracted.

B. When extracting the hair follicles from the donor area, the follicles are sorted into 4 different categories:

1- Hair follicles containing 1 hair shaft.

2- Hair follicles containing 2 hair shafts.

3- Hair follicles containing 3 hair shafts.

4- Hair follicles containing 4, and occasionally 5 hair shafts.

These hair grafts are placed in a special solution called Hypothermasol, and at a certain temperature in order to preserve them until the next stage,

which is the implantation in the recipient area.

The surgeon will then be picking out the suitable hair graft, to be implanted in the suitable area.

For instance, an experienced surgeon would not implant a hair graft containing 4 hair shafts in the hairline area.

That is because naturally, the hair near the front line area is thinner.

3. In the third stage :

local anesthesia will be repeated but in the recipient area instead.

Afterwards, the inflating serum is also injected in this area in order for the scalp to rise, to avoid harming the tissues and nerves under.

4. In the fourth stage :

When hair transplantation in Turkey first started developing, as previously mentioned, manual FUE technique of extraction was used.

Very thin metal blades with a diameter not exceeding 0.3-0.6 mm,

depending on the thickness of the hair follicle was used to open the canals.

Today, with the development of medicine and technology that in turn brought about radical changes in the world of hair transplant in Turkey,

many techniques have been renovated.

Firstly, the Sapphire Pen technique.

The process of hair transplant in turkey with the Sapphire Pen technique is one of the safest and most reliable procedures in Turkey,

as the recommended technique differs from one case to another.

The technique of hair transplant with the Sapphire Pen provides more

guaranteed results in comparison with the metal blades Before we delve into the knowledge of the technique of hair transplantation by the Sapphire Pen, we must shed light on the terms mentioned in the world of hair transplantation in Turkey.

FUE technique

was named in association with the technique of manual primary extraction, which is originally a thin metal blade used to open the canals.

Therefore, after the invention of the technique of hair transplantation with the Sapphire Pen, it became the oldest technique name.

So in detail, how is it done?

After sorting the hair follicles during extraction from the donor area, they are preserved in the Hypothermasol solution. The doctor then divides the recipient area into equal square-shaped cm2 for many reasons:

1. Direction of the hair follicles

Since each section of hair is angled towards a different direction, some angled downwards, others to the left or right, the canals in the recipient area should not all be opened at the same angle.

Failure to match the appropriate angle with the appropriate section can lead to a non-pleasant appearance.

2. Distances between the hair follicles

When the doctor opens the canals in the recipient area, the distances between them must be taken into consideration, so that no contact occurs between them.

In case contact does occur, both hair follicles will be damaged.

3.Dividing the scalp in cm2

In order to obtain a consistent hair density, the doctor must divide the recipient area into multiple cm2, so that in every cm2, the same number of hair follicles is implanted.

4. Canal depth

When inserting the blade into the scalp, the doctor must take the depth into consideration.

In case the depth is exceeded, it will cause damage to the tissues and nerves under the scalp, and this in turn will lead to infections and of course the failure of the hair transplant operation.

Therefore, the stage of opening the canals must always be performed exclusively by a highly experienced surgeon.

The DHI technique

It is the most advanced technology in the world of hair transplantation. It is conducted using a medical tool named Choi Pen.

In each pen, there is a hollow metal head used to insert the hair follicle into it, to then open the canal and simultaneously implant the hair follicle.

In this technique of hair transplantation,

a higher density of hair is achieved in comparison to traditional techniques.

It is possible to implant approximately 60-70 grafts per cm2. This number exceeds the number achieved by other traditional techniques by about 20-25 grafts per cm2.

And since the opening of the canals and the implantation is done simultaneously, the wound recovery is faster.

DHI technique using Sapphire heads

It is an innovation to the classic DHI technique. The metalhead in the Choi pen is replaced with a Sapphire head. It prevents acidity of wounds and gives a smoother texture to the scalp.

Not only that but it also prevents the redness caused by the canal opening from lasting for a long period of time after the operation.

Leaving 0% risk of any scars.

ClinMedica Hair transplant in turkey

ClinMedica is one of the leading medical companies in the field of hair transplant and plastic surgery in Turkey.

Since Istanbul is internationally crowned as the capital of the hair transplant and plastic surgery industry, many unlicensed hair transplant and plastic surgery clinics take advantage of the demand on this field, leaving many victims behind.

In those clinics, hair transplantation procedures are carried out in very inappropriate health conditions, and performed by inexperienced individuals. This not only leads to permanent damage in the donor area, but opening the canals can occasionally cause nerve injury and bleeding, best case scenario is severe scars left behind, among many other things.

Hair transplant costs at ClinMedica

Many people who are looking to get a hair transplant operation are misled by such clinics, and that is due to their very low cost.

Yes, in Turkey hair transplant is offered at competitive prices, however this should not mean that prices should hit a very low level.

Unfortunately, those people are unaware of these facts since they are coming from abroad, and because their knowledge of hair transplant and plastic surgery is limited, and often they are scammed by fraud, unlicensed companies.

At ClinMedica, we strive to gain our clients’ trust to get the proper job done. Thus, we provide the most reputable and highly experienced doctors to achieve the best and most satisfactory results for hair transplant and plastic surgery operations. And of course, that being the case, we are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health.