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Get Your Dream Hollywood Smile with ClinMedica Best Dental Treatments

Turkey - Istanbul


Dental Cosmetics in Turkey

Treating visually troublesome teeth with simple, yet efficient, techniques is the primary objective of cosmetic dentistry and dental cosmetics.

A perfectly balanced mouth and complete, spotless teeth are just a couple of the goals we strive for with our cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul. You’ll have a brilliant smile when you leave our dental office and a whole new lease on life!

In ClinMedica, you are served with the most up-to-date knowledge and up-to-date treatment methods provided by modern medicine.

Every person has a unique oral architecture, which means that each person’s face, grin, and facial expressions might be unique. Patients interested in cosmetic dentistry should keep in mind that each face requires a unique design that is acceptable for it.


Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica

E-max Crowns And Veneer

Dental Veneers are very thin crusts, designed specifically to cover the front layer of the teeth and have degrees of color in order to suit each person, some people choose veneers in order to change the shape, size or length of the teeth

Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica


Regain your confident smile using a total makeover for the jaws and sometimes Hollywood Smile includes implants.

Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica

Zirconium Crowns

A zirconium crown is a restoration that covers the exposed area of tooth, while the bridge can cover one or more missing teeth. Both are made of artificial tooth or teeth.

Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica


Dental implants is a method used to the bone of the jaw to support dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges or dentures.

Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica


Teeth Whitening is one of the most applied treatments in aesthetic dentistry. It is the lightening of the tooth color by several tones using bleaching gels specific to this process.

Dental Cosmetics in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica


Dental and oral medicine is a medicine consists of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey | Before & After in Turkey

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See the difference before and after cosmetic dentistry at ClinMedica in Turkey

How is The Procedure Done?


Get free Consultation

Our experienced consultation team reviews the information that was given to them and prepare a treatment plan for you with a quotation and send it to you. We will start with X-ray & Consultation with the doctor and preparing the treatment plan being agreed on

Book Your Flight

After determining your arrıval date with our consultants book your flıghts ın-order for our coordınatıon department to start arrangıng your accommodatıon and transportatıon from aırport to your hotel or accomodatıon place.

Hotel accommodation

Your hotel accommodation is included since we have contracts with different hotels close to the clinic in-order to make it easier for or patients to reach, we aim comfort for our patients as much as possible and not to concern about the accommodation

Start your Treatment

When you arrive and after picking you up by our coordinatros and drivers you will be taken to the hotel and on the next day we will pick you up for the treatment according to the plan agreed on with the doctor and your consultant who will also be connecting and translating between you and the doctor.

The Difference

Are you confused about your teeth?
What is the difference? And what is the best??
Do I put porcelain? Or zirconium? Or Emax??
Hair Transplant in Turkey before and after - ClinMedica

Dental Implants | Porcelain - Zirconium - Emax crowns and veneers in Turkey

Porcelain crowns (PFM)

Because of the metal’s interference in the porcelain composition, it makes it unhealthy as it causes the gums to recede in the place of dental implants. Even in order to install porcelain, a lot of teeth must be carved, which causes the tooth itself to weaken as well. From an aesthetic point of view, they are the least beautiful crowns

Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns It is considered one of the strongest types of hardened crowns, of course we talk about the good ones only, because unfortunately, lately, many types of zirconium of Chinese origin have spread in Turkey, which are not good at all. Of course, zirconium crowns are very healthy, and do not cause gum recession if they are carefully prepared: In other words: the doctor must prepare the place of the teeth in an elaborate manner, accurate sizes and good materials, which depend primarily on the laboratory that manufactures these materials and pours them into the molds allocated by the doctor. Not only that, there are many factors that the doctor must take into account in order for any combination that he makes to succeed, and without these factors, the zirconium formula will not succeed, no matter how good the material is. Thanks to the properties of zirconium that we mentioned, this enables us to use it in the back molars due to its ability to withstand chewing food. As for the aesthetic aspect, it is much better and more beautiful than porcelain, so in (most) cases it can also be used in the front teeth.

So, why most of the cases and not all of them?
Because we are going to mention the third combination:

Emax formula:

They are the best crowns that give a natural appearance and no one can notice them.

That is why we use them in the crowns of the front teeth and in the work of veneers (plastic veneers), which is one of the ways in which a Hollywood smile is achieved.

Unfortunately, the quality of the teeth will not be complete here, as the E-Max is the least strong and hard type of crowns, and therefore E-Max is not used to replace missing teeth, and is not usually used in the back molars except in certain cases where the E-Max is too thick to bear chewing food more.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the doctor first of all, because the doctor is the first and direct influence in the success and aesthetics of dental crowns, as the doctor must also know when to use Emax, and when to use zirconium, and even what kind of zirconium and here we do not mean (German zirconium, or Chinese or..)

Here we mean the hardness and durability of zirconium or zirconium with high transparency and what is most appropriate for your case.

And if the composition of the Emacs, it is necessary to know what degree of transparency of the Emacs, because it makes a very big difference.

Not only that.. the quality of the adhesive he uses with Emax is also very important, especially the color and transparency of the adhesive and the durability of the adhesive.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey | Summary

We agree here that zirconium and Emax are much better than porcelain. When installing long dental bridges, or when installing a short dental bridge, or even if it is a single tooth, we must know that there are specific properties and factors that must be achieved in these materials so that we can say that this combination can be used in fixed dental crowns.

First characteristic
That these materials are very healthy for the body, and that the body accepts them without showing any side effects or sensitivity to this substance, and at this point, zirconium or Emax achieve these conditions, unlike porcelain crowns, which cause many problems, many of which are not accepted by the body, which causes in Gum infections and other problems.

The second characteristic
Hardness or Durability
This feature is very intuitive and should be in fixed crowns, and at this point we recommend zirconium 100 %, where its hardness reaches from 1300 to 1500 megapascal, which is a perfectly suitable hardness and bears high pressures, the most important of which is chewing food, unlike Emacs, which loses at this point completely, which does not Its hardness exceeds 500 megapascal only.

The third characteristic


It is a very important feature, as the transparency of the teeth here takes us to the natural appearance of the teeth.

The teeth with transparent crowns are very close to natural teeth and give high vitality.

At this point, of course, Emax crowns are the best at all and have no dispute, so their price is More high than zirconium. So let’s imagine together natural teeth and what they consist of:

-Natural teeth consist of two layers

-The enamel layer

-The dentin layer.

The enamel layer is very transparent and its hardness is very high, and because it is very transparent, it leaks the color of ivory to the outside, so the color of the teeth that you see is the color of the second layer of teeth, which is the layer of ivory.

Also, there is a transparent layer in the lower edges of the teeth in which there is no dentin, which gives the natural vitality of the teeth, and this is what dental manufacturing laboratories are racing to in order to make natural and very vital teeth, so this transparency is a title for the vitality of the teeth, and of course here in this The point IMAX crowns you win undisputed.

Here we can say that transparency and solidity cannot be combined in one composition.

Zirconium is a very hard material and has no transparency.

Emax has low hardness, but very high transparency.

But be careful…
It is possible that a professional doctor and an expert lab can make the porcelain composition for you perfectly, and it is much better than zirconium or Emax.

Therefore, before any decision, choosing a doctor is very important, as the best doctor is the one who helps you choose the most appropriate for your case.

How about if this doctor also uses very high materials, and even the lab that makes these materials is excellent, then you will get what you want and more..No, even more than what you imagine.

ClinMedica offers you all these factors to help you get the best smile and healthy, durable teeth that last a lifetime.

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