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Dental Crowns in Turkey

All about dental crowns and bridges for your teeth in Turkey along with prices and cost of dental crowns.

What is Fixed Prosthesis?

Fixed prostheses, also known as bridges, crowns, and veneers, are prostheses that are applied in the absence of a small number of teeth in the mouth and prepared in the laboratory by cutting (reducing) the supporting teeth and attached to the teeth. These are prostheses that are made to replace the visible parts of the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. 

It is more easily accepted by the patient than removable prostheses, but certain conditions must be present for its application. After the preparation of the teeth and measuring, the procedure is completed in 3-4 sessions and in 1 week. There are various types of prosthesis such as metal-supported ceramic (porcelain), metal-free ceramic (porcelain), porcelain laminate. The most suitable one for your mouth will be determined by your doctor.

In the classical methods applied in fixed prostheses, the durability of metals as a substructure and the aesthetics of ceramics as a superstructure have been used while creating the prosthesis. Although this method is still used, fixed prosthesis applications, which can imitate the natural appearance with many different materials, have now been added to clinical solutions with the developing technology to meet the increasing aesthetic needs.

Which teeth are crowns made for?

  • Excess material loss due to bruises or any other reason,
  • Colored and irreversible teeth,
  • Deformed teeth,
  • Teeth that have had weak root canal treatment (to prevent teeth from breaking),
  • on the implant

Bridge: In the absence of one or more teeth, it is the process of reducing the adjacent teeth and filling the gaps by getting support from the special coatings that come to them.

As with the veneer, the teeth to be taken as support by your dentist are shaped and performed by performing the same procedures.

What happens if prosthesis is not made to replace missing teeth?

If the bridges aren’t made yet, the moving teeth of the patient and the teeth opposite to it will move to the extraction area . 

That’s why the un leveled teeth closure will lead to tooth loss.

When teeth lose happens the teeth next to it begins to move to the space that’s why gingival problems in the teeth , bones erosion happens because of the space occurred.

If this gap isn’t treated with an implant or or bridge for long time the teeth next to it will be lost.

Other problems that occur as a result of missing teeth and not replacing them with prosthesis are digestive disorders and diseases caused by lack of chewing. According to the location of the missing tooth, we can count it as speech disorders and aesthetic problems.

What is the benefit of making a prosthesis for the patient?

In the prosthesis, it is aimed to restore the lost functions of the patient, as well as to correct the deteriorated speech and to improve the aesthetic appearance.

While the oral health lost by prosthesis applications is restored, individuals who have to live with missing or destroyed teeth in the society are also supported psychologically.

This, in addition to functional disorders, causes a decrease in the sense of self-confidence in people.

Over the years, as a result of people eating, chewing, swallowing and grinding their teeth at night for some reason, teeth wear out at different rates. In addition, as a result of caries and accident, fractures occur in some parts of the teeth. In that case of any disfigured teeth we replace them with either a bridge or a crown.

Dental crown cost in Turkey

Please contact our consultants to retrieve information about the cost and price of dental crown in Turkey.

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Turkey | Before and After Results

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