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We pay intensive attention to details when it comes to our work and invest heavily in our materials and equipment to give our patients the best possible care and treatment.

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Art and Expertise to Deliver the Best Hair Transplant Turkey Results

Briefly, a hair transplant turkey is a surgical technique where one’s fue hair follicle is extracted from a part of the head and implanted in another. It is neither just about getting your lost hair back, nor it is about the number of grafts implanted. In fact, a hair transplant is all about improving your overall appearance with new hair, and about regaining your confidence. In other words, hair transplant turkey is an art of combining the knowledge of hair and scalp anatomy as well as facial proportions. Besides, the skills of a surgeon also play a major role in achieving the finest results. This is why hair transplantation is considered as “The Fine Art of Hair Surgery”.


Hair Transplant Turkey Techniques

Through our contract with the best fue hair clinics in Turkey, we offer our clients the latest hair transplant techniques


Needle-Free Injection technology is used for this type of local anesthesia.

The device uses air pressure to inject the local anesthetic medication into the skin through its silicon heads.

The air pressure ensures a super-fast (less than one-third of a second) penetration through the skin.

Up to 0.5 ml/50 units of any subcutaneous liquid medication can be applied in one shot.

Needle-Free Anesthesia or Needleless Numbing decreases the pain by 70%

You will not feel any pain after the numbing process that is either performed by the traditional method or the needle-free anesthesia


it contains a pointed head made of sapphire that gives the scalp a smooth texture and prevents inflammation of the cracks and redness caused by other metal blades.
and since the ambassador pen is used to open the channels that are the most important stage in the fue hair transplantation surgery,

it primarily contributes to the success of the operation and to obtain an ideal result. instead of steel blades.

Tissue recovery will be faster in comparison to the steel blades, acidity will be prevented, and the bonded skin will have a smooth surface, meaning no scars left behind.


This technique is done through Choi pens, after extracting the grafts from the donor area, the hair follicles are placed one by one inside the Choi pen.

because it contains a pointed and hollow head into which the follicle is inserted,

and through which the channel is opened and the follicle implanted simultaneously.

This technique is characterized by the density of implanted hair, for example,

if we implant with the traditional technique 40 grafts in a cm2, we can implant approximately 60 grafts per cm2 in the DHI technique.


FUE technique is based on extracting the follicles from the donor area (behind the ears) using an electrical device (micro-motor) and contains hollow heads from the inside The follicles are extracted one by one by inserting the follicle inside the hollow head to extract it by doing High rotational movement of the device. To extract various follicles, some follicles contain one hair, and some contain two, three, or four hairs, so each follicle requires a hollow head of a specific diameter.

There is no difference between male hair transplantation and female hair transplantation on the subject of the technique used (both are performed in the same FUE Follicular unit extraction method) but it differs according to the causes of hair loss, so it is suggested for women with hair loss of hair for an additional laboratory examination to determine the main cause of hair loss. Choi pens technology is preferred for women because it does not need to shave the hair and because.

Beard is considered a man’s supplement with its dense and decent appearance, but most men often have bad luck for not having a full beard for many reasons that may be hereditary or have facial alopecia. The beard and mustache transplantation process is done by extracting the follicles from the donor area behind the ears and then it is implanted. In the face in certain directions determined by the doctor. It is preferable to use the DHI method for beard transplantation, as it gives more density than..

How is a hair transplant in turkey performed?

– The duration of the procedure ranges between 6 to 8 hours, including in the middle of the period a period of 30 minutes for rest and eating.
– Anesthesia is given locally without pain using NFI technology.
– There are some possible side effects (temporary bleeding, swelling in the forehead and around the eyes, itching, numbness), but they gradually disappear in the first week of the operation.
– The period of full recovery needs ten days to two weeks.
– When will the results of hair transplant start appearing?
At the completion of the first month, the hairs will fall out, and the implanted follicles will remain under the scalp until they start producing new hair, and this will be in the third month after the operation.
After the lapse of six months, you will get a satisfactory result of 50 to 60%, and the percentage will continue to rise every month until you get the result in month 12 at 100%.


The Norwood hair transplant Scale shows your hair loss level. Nor-wood Scale classifies hair loss levels in degrees from 1 to 7, with 12 different loss types. In addition to determining the level of your hair loss; Moreover, it gives an approximate idea of the type of treatment that should relate to your hair loss. If the hair loss is advanced, it may be troublesome to win your hair with a pharmaceutical. In such cases, you ought to have your right hair transplantation…


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  • Your transportation from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa.
  • 3-night free hotel room accommodation.
  • Your translator.
  • All necessary blood tests.
  • Full consultation and hair analysis before and after the operation.
  • Hair Transplant operation (maximum grafts implantation).
  • Needle-free anesthesia ( NO PAIN ).
  • All the required medicines.
  •  Guaranteed growth, and no loss, of all implanted grafts.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • NB: there are no hidden costs.

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What Causes Hair Loss In Athletes And How To Prevent It?

Hair Loss In Athletes: Many people care about their external appearance, such as muscles, clothes and cars.

What about hair?

We can not deny that poetry is one of the most important causes of gravity for men, women and all people. We need to talk about dihydrotestosterone hormone, as known as DHT before getting into this subject. DHT is a testerone hormone inside the hormone groups. Even it does not have so many important functions, it may cause hair loss when it’s too much inside your body. DHT may lead your hair thinner, weaker and by time it may get your hair lost.

This situation occurs especially in the men’s body if they exercise much. When you play sports and exercise too much, the body becomes healthier, but with the cells that might be damaged by the rising DHT hormone, it may cause hair to be lost. The hair follicles are weakening over time with the increasing of DHT. This hormone can be seen in men and alson in women but for a very few amounts. It may also lead to acne problems while leading to loss in beards and hair.

Does steroid use has affects on hair loss?

As is known in general, steroids are a kind of hormone used mostly by those who are interested in bodybuilding. Although our body actually produce this hormone naturally, it is thought that, there are some side effects of the extra steroid add-on that is taken into your body.

Rather than improving the muscle growth, DHT may cause to a possible hair loss on the other side.

So what has to be done?

You should never stop exercising in the first place place but also pay utmost attention on steroid use. The DHT increased by the steorids must not penetrate into your hair follicules.

There are some treatment methods to control and prevent possible hair loss due to steroids and those include:

  • Finasteride
  • Minoxidil
  • Dutasteride
  • Proscar
  • N2shampoo

“Despite all this care, my hair is getting weaker and thinner.” The hair transplant technology has reached a very successfull point in today’s world. Seven out of ten of patients with a hair transplant are very satisfied with the final results after the process.

At this point, it is the most important issue that a top notch doctor and his special team to prepare all the operation from beginning to the end. You can regain your hair by using the FUE hair transplantation method. It is not so hard to go on your exercises and to have the outlook you always want.

If you have a problem such like this, do not hesitate writing to us. You will have your free consultation and will let our experts to solve your problems.

Hair Transplant Before the Wedding Day In Summer!

Hair Transplant Before the Wedding: There’s Still Time for Your Hair Transplant Before the Wedding Day In Summer!

In today’s world, the men also want to look as the best outward look at their wedding, as well as the prettiest brides, not only women.

Wedding photos after hair transplant

In our world where wedding photos are so important more than anything else in the wedding, a classy and sucessful hair transplant surgery before the wedding day might help you.

  1. The grooming candidates before the marriage season head up to the hair transplant clinics in all over the world.
  2. The most popular operations in the preparations for the outlook in wedding day is about hair transplantation.
  3. Because the hair begins to show itself 2 months later, and you slowly begin to have your natural hair back! Of course you have to wait 10 months for the exact results of hair transplantation is not yet too late.
  4. The first following months are enough to see some very successful results.
  5. Hair transplantation operations performed with FUE technique in best clinic give very satisfactory results for our patients from all over the world.
  6. Of course, hair health and hair transplantation technologies and services are not limited to men.
  7. The brides want healthier hairs and fast extensions, and are searching for appropriate treatments.
  8. Especially because Istanbul has a wonderful and big new airport advantage and a suitable center for hair transplant in winter period,
  9. You should take a look at the services of Clinmedica, one of the most important agent of our city,
  10. Which has superior demand from all over the world.
  11. Let’s meet and have your totally free and specialized consultation by our top notch professional staff.


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