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We provide comprehensive treatment planning and follow the most strict standards that ensure your surgery will go smoothly with guaranteed desirable results.

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We provide the best FUE hair transplant results in Turkey, with the most advanced techniques, at the most affordable costs.

  • At ClinMedica, we offer you all the advantages of hair transplant procedures that are offered to you by other countries (America, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.) at incredibly competitive prices and superior quality, including the latest scientific techniques used to perform the best hair transplant.
  • We deal with only highly experienced doctors , so you will have a wonderful and distinctive experience through precise incisions without any scars left behind. Consistent FUE hair transplantation across the head conducted at natural angles and directions for the newly implanted Grafts, thus you will get a very natural appearance without being noticed of having any hair procedure.

ClinMedica Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Are you tired of hair loss??

Are you tired of covering the empty gaps in between your hair for long periods in front of the mirror??

Have you met the girl of your dreams and you’re worried that your bald spots would get revealed infront of ??

I also went through all of this, but I overcame all these problems and transplanted my hair at ClinMedica and have got amazing results!.

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All what you need is only 3 days of vacation away from all difficulties in life to clear your mind plus having a hair transplant procedure within one day and then you can enjoy spending the rest of the days in the charming landmarks and famous historical places in Istanbul.

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Why Choose ClinMedica For Hair Transplant?

Best Quality

We pay intensive attention to details when it comes to our work and invest professionally in our materials and equipments to give our patients the best possible care and treatment with the best quality available in the market.

Latest Technology

We utilize the best technological tools for every procedure we perform to ensure being up to date constatly with all the breakthrough technology that ascetain the best quality of services we provide our patients with.

Best Doctors

ClinMedica is contracted with the most experienced FUE hair transplant and plastic surgery doctorsl. Surely certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


Who wants multiple surgeries? I certainly wouldn’t if I had another option. That’s why ClinMedica provides patients with the best results the first time around. That’s our guarantee.

Dedicated Team

We have the best doctors and medical teams who are specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgeries, with having extensive experience of up to 15 years.


We have dedicated and integrated team to ensure the progress of the Aftercare plan through mobile applications, to make it easier in your hands. We adhere to the rules of regulations for dealing with international patients.

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FUE hair transplant is a surgical technique where one’s hair follicles are extracted from a part of the head and implanted in another part.

It is neither just about getting your lost hair back, nor it is about the number of grafts implanted.

In fact, a hair transplant is all about improving your overall appearance with new hair, and about regaining your confidence.

In other words, hair transplant  is an art of combining the knowledge of hair and scalp anatomy as well as facial proportions.

Besides,the skills of a surgeon also plays a major role in achieving the finest results.

This is why hair transplantation is considered as

“The Fine Art of Hair Surgery”

The duration of the procedure ranges between 6 to 8 hours, including a break period of 30 minutes for rest and eating in the middle of that time period.

Anesthesia is given locally without pain using NFI technology.
There are still some possible side effects (temporary bleeding, swelling in the forehead and around the eyes, itching, numbness), but they gradually disappear within the first week of the operation.
The period of full recovery needs ten days to two weeks.

 When will the results of hair transplant start appearing?
By the end of the first month post operatively, the hairs will fall out, but the implanted follicles will remain under the scalp until they start producing new hairs over again, and this will be noticed within the end of the third month after the operation.
After passing of six months, you will get a satisfactory result of 50 to 60%, and the percentage will continue to rise gradually every month until you get the full result of 100% on 12th month..

  • Airport Pick up – Departure Shuttle service. 
  • Your transportation from the hotel to the Hospital and vice versa.
  • 3-night free hotel room accommodation.
  • Your translator.
  • All necessary blood tests.
  • Full consultation and hair analysis before and after the operation
  • Hair Transplant operation (maximum grafts implantation)
  • Needle-free anesthesia ( NO PAIN )
  • All the required medicines.
  • Guaranteed growth, and no loss, of all implanted grafts.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • there are no hidden costs.

What happens after hair transplant?

What Happens After Hair Transplant First Month
First month

After the first month of the the hair transplant surgery, the newly transplanted hair shafts fall out and that’s what called “hair shock” as the body’s normal reaction but yet the Graft follicles remains under the scalp until it adapts to its new place.

What Happens After Hair Transplant2 3months
3-6 months

During this period, the follicles start producing new hair shafts, as the hair growth takes place at the beginning of the third month and may continue until the end of the sixth month from the date of the hair transplant procedure.You will start noticing relative improvement.

What Happens After Hair Transplant After6 Month
+6 months

After 6 months, you will see favorable difference in the growth rate of the transplanted hair as it begins to grow gradually on a monthly basis..
Some people may need 9 months, others up to 12 months, and such a rare percentage may wait till 18 months to obtain the final result of hair transplantation.

Norwood Hair Transplant Scale

The Norwood hair transplant Scale shows your hair loss level.

Norwood Scale classifies hair loss levels in degrees from 1 to 7, with 12 different loss types.

In addition to determining the level of your hair loss;

Moreover, it gives an approximate idea of the type of treatment that should relate to your hair loss.

If the hair loss is advanced, it may be troublesome to win your hair with  pharmaceutical products.

In such cases, you must consider the ultimate solution for your hair loss problem by undergoiıng the right hair transplant surgery.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Thinking About Hair Transplantation

Before the procedure you will have a free consultation with the doctor who will be accompanied with the translator that you will require. The doctor will do the medical check up and also go through the consultation questions with you. Then the hair line will get drawn in artistic way and with a natural looking way as your desire.

Absolutely. A Hair transplant is a once in a life-time procedure that provides you with permanent results. It is a great replacement to all the costly treatments that are mostly not only ineffective but also temporary.

The entire hair transplant is done by the doctor herself and her team. The team will help extract and insert the grafts. however, the most important part of the operation which is opening the channels will be done by the doctor herself/himself.

More than 750,000 tourists from 144 countries choose Turkey for medical tourism, that’s because in Turkey the patient doesn’t only get cheap prices but also gets additional services. In addition to that, the patient will also get incomparable facilities with an outstanding experience at high standard clinics.



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