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Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

-Hair Transplant in Turkey for Women
-Hair Loss in Women
-Considerations about Hair Transplant For Women
-Side Effects of Hair Transplant
-Hair Transplant Cost For Women in Turkey
-PostPartum Hair Loss in Women
-Planning For Your Hair Transplant in Turkey
-Best Women Candidates For Hair Transplant
-Hair Transplant For Women Before And After
-Customer Reviews and Experiences

There is no difference between Male Hair Transplant and Female Hair Transplant in-terms of  techniques used. but the difference is the cause of hair loss, so it is necessary for women who suffer from hair loss to do an extra laboratory examination to identify hair loss main reason.

A Procedure performed by harvesting follicles from the donor which is behind the scalp and between the ears and then separation of those follicles carefully to keep the follicle root intact then the surgeon will re-implanted those harvested follicles in the baldness area in the scalp.

Hair Loss In Women

It is necessary to know the reason behind hair loss.

  • Hair loss in the hairline and at the top of the scalp. Means that it is a male hair loss type and hair transplant is possible.
  • If hair loss amount is nearly equal everywhere, in this case we do not recommend hair transplant. In such cases we apply different treatments.
  • We recommend hair transplant in patients diagnosed with male type hair loss. The results are successful and magnificent.
  • We will do FUE Follicular Unit Extraction as well as male’s.

In this method, we extract the hair Follicle one by one from the donor area, and then we implant those follicles by opening the canals in the targeted area.

Women who experience hair loss shows it more obvious through thinning of the hair and the reduction of hair more. Nowadays women undergo hair transplant procedures as much as men do. Female type hair loss can be immediately noticeable. but if the hair on the whole scalp is poured in equal intervals it can be a little more difficult to examine.

Hair loss can be caused by genetics, impaired hormonal balance, using unsuitable cosmetics, and stress. In genetic hair loss, the density of the hair is reduced and it’s more visible. Even though hair loss in women may seem in various forms, usually the front in the hairline remains to stay put.

For those women who would like to undergo a hair transplant operation. must express themselves about the results that they desire. After all, the expert doctor identifies which method to apply for the patient and usually the methods are the same for both women and men.

What you need to know About Hair Transplant For Women 

Women Hair Transplant procedure performed in Clinmedica’s Clinic using the latest advanced technology available for hair restoration Follicular Unit Extraction Technique DHI – FUE.

There are three steps in the operation the first one is the extraction of the follicles the second is preparation of baldness area in the scalp and the third step is the implementation of follicles with precise direction of normal hair.

Any full health women can perform Hair Transplant procedure, but there are some considerations with the following cases:

  • Cardiovascular disease patient.
  • Diabetes patient with uncontrolled blood glucose level.
  • Autoimmune disease like Lupus Erythematosus.
  • Lack or absence of donor area in the back of the head.
  • Hair Transplantation for women is a procedure performed using the latest advanced technology available for hair restoration.
  • There are three steps in the operation the first one is the extraction of the follicles.
  • The second is the preparation of the recipient area in the scalp and the third step is the implementation of the follicles with the natural direction of the normal hair.

Side Effects of Hair Transplantation Procedure

Like any procedure, there are some side effects but those side effects will go gradually by using the medical advice and treatment.

  • Edema: Will be on the back of the head of the donor area and on beard where hair placed.
  • Itching: the doctor will prescribe to you an anti-allergic medication to minimize itching.
  • Sudden hair loss: do not worry if there is a hair-loss happen after 10 days from the hair restoration procedure because this is a normal process, the initial transplanted hair will fall down but the follicles will stay to get the nutrition needed to grow a new hair that will stay for a lifetime.

Hair Transplant Cost for Women in Turkey

Information about price and cost of female hair transplant in Turkey can be found here

PostPartum Hair Loss in Women

Intensive Hair thenning after 2-6 months of giving birth is very common and it is a normal process.

The reason behind post-partum hair loss is the high levels of estrogenic hormone during pregnancy that goes down to the normal level after birth. Thus during pregnancy, the estrogenic hormone is elevated and the hair remains in the growth phase. In other words, during pregnancy the female hormones are working overtime.

Some females don’t experience Hair Thinning after birth so no need to worry about it unless it happens and continues. Therefore, in the normal conditions, this is a temporary hair loss and your hair will grow up back again in a short time.

However, you should keep in mind that post-pregnancy period is physically challenging period.

Insomnia, tiredness and breastfeeding pushes your body hard into its limits. Adding the stress caused by hair loss, it becomes annoying and makes it last much longer. At this point particularly, you should pay more attention to anaemia and check the Ferritin levels of your body since it has a huge impact on hair loss. In addition to all that, scalp skin condition also plays a main role in the healthy hair growth. We recommend washing hair every day and especially using chemical-free shampoos and medical moisturizing creams prescribed by the doctor only.

Planning for your hair transplant in Turkey

Graft Transplantation procedure performed between 6-8 hours depending on the number of grafts harvested.

Residency for hair transplant in Istanbul will be only three days.

The first one is for the operation and the second is for patient rest and the final day for washing the head.

Hair loss is a situation no one wants to experience, causing less self-confidence. It may lead up to so many  psychological problems. Women can find more difficulties in hair loss in comparison to men. That’s because men seems to be more accustomed to hair loss in social life. The vast majority of women can fall into great difficulty due to hair loss according to surveys and research.

Hair transplant for women should be performed by a Only the doctor who is an expert and experienced on the subject can do the hair transplant for women. Women have been paying more attention to their outlook than men for centuries in history and this is a type of behavior that goes on.

Pregnancy, menopause, stress, postpartum, and even the age of the person can lead to hair loss and that’s completely a natural situation. Seasonal change, lifestyle changes, and also health changes, problems in the scalp, or other external reasons can lead to hair shedding or total hair loss. Due to this, hair loss in women should be evaluated by a dermatologist who has experience.

Best women candidates for hair transplant

  • Had suffered from hair loss due to highly usage of hair dyes.
  • Who had suffered from hair-loss due to highly usage of hair cosmetics material.
  • Had suffered from baldness due to scars or burns.
  • Suffered from hair-loss due to Alopecia Areata.
  • Suffered from male hair-loss pattern.
  • Who had enough hair density in the donor area.

Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey - Before and After Results