norwood hair scale How much Hair you are losing ?

Norwood Scale How much Hair you are losing ?

The Norwood Scale shows your hair loss level. Nor-wood Scale classifies hair loss levels in degrees from 1 to 7, with 12 different loss types. In addition to determining the level of your hair loss; Moreover, it gives an approximate idea of the type of treatment that should relate to your hair loss. If the hair loss is advanced, it may be troublesome to win your hair with pharmaceutical. In such cases, you ought to have your right hair transplantation.

Norwood hair scale

  • *1st: Conventional hair loss. After puberty, it is seen from young ages .
  • *2nd: It is more common in adults and older ages.
  •   2nd – Hair loss starts on the front line hair line.
  • *3rd: Normal male hair loss is at earlier ages.
  •   3rd – Hair loss within the front side of your scalp.
  • *4th: It appears on the top of your head.
  •   4th – hair Fallingwithin the front of the scalp.
  • *5th: hair loss within the brow. however, the problem begins on the top as well. The bridge between the front and thetop has still a particular hair mass. * Tip 5 – A: Thinning areas may also appear on the crown.
  • *6th: Hair loss from the crown and the frontal region.
  • *7th: Most of the hair has been lost.
  • *8th: The The most serious stage of hair loss, if there is only some hair going around the sides of the head remains. This hair is usually not dense and may be and may be fine.