Grafts extraction “FUE hair transplant turkey” This technique revolutionized plastic surgery in general and hair transplantation in particular. The human instinct is that he loves to go out to meet people in all his elegance, and an attractive external appearance is not complete without the presence of thick hair, especially for men, some people have baldness in a certain area of the head, or hair that is not thick due to hair loss, it may create an embarrassment for them and maybe reflected in psychological damage, And they are looking for the best medical methods to get thick hair. Here, FUE hair transplant in turkey comes to be the best solution.

What is FUE hair transplant in Turkey?

When harvesting the hair in the extraction of units, the surgeon extracts each follicles unit separately using a fine punch that varies in diameter from 0.7 mm to 1.1 mm. In addition, there are many types of holes and methods we use (manual holes, mechanical holes, etc.) in FUE , All of which are capable of providing good culture results if carried out by experts.

A significant difference in outcomes relates to the surgeon’s ability and experience.

Older techniques, like FUT, involve surgically removing part of the scalp from the donation area and then separating the follicles units outside the body using a microscope, leaving a large longitude follicles scar. However, the extraction of individual graft units as in the FUE hair transplant turkey involves no cutting of the scalp and no longitudinal scar. Each graft unit can be extracted separately. Each may contain one, two, three, or four hairs grouped in each unit. As for the scars in the donor area, FUE hair transplant turkey leaves many (hundreds or even thousands) tiny scars that are less than one millimeter in diameter.

When the procedure ends efficiently, only minuscule white dots may appear when you shave your hair. Achieving a natural appearance depends on many factors such as the front hairline pattern and direction/angle.

What is the importance of FUE hair transplant Turkey?

In fact, just like the extraction of the hair in the FUE hair transplant turkey, the transplantation is individual, which giving you a natural look. It usually takes longer to extract individual follicles. Therefore, the donor area recovers very quickly with this procedure; all the cuts heal within two or three days.

Hair begins to grow within 3 to 4 months after surgery at a monthly growth rate of 1 cm. The importance and benefits of the FUE hair transplant turkey is a successful, permanent and safe solution to fight baldness or thinning hair, the technique preferred by doctors and research people over hair transplantation because of its ease and the great success rate it achieves.

In addition, for the following benefits: There is no need for any surgery in the scalp area, which is what bothers many people in the slide hair transplant technique. Lack of surgery means that there is no suture or any scars on the skin of the head Quickly obtaining satisfactory results for people who suffer from local or total lack of head hair, Another advantage is a rapid recovery in both the donor and the receiving regions. The result is very close to the natural look. The transplanted hair is long-lasting and looks natural.

İs there pain when FUE hair transplantation?

The person who undergoes hair transplantation with the FUE hair transplant turkey does not feel any pain thanks to local anesthesia for the scalp during all stages of the process, these stages that we will learn about in the next paragraphs, but before that let us look at:

There are a set of instructions that must be adhered to before a hair transplant

  • Avoid smoking before the operation for at least three days before the operation.
  • Stop drinking alcohol at least three days before the operation.
  • Informing the attending physician of all. medications that he has taken or is still doing before the operation.
  • Get a blood test before doing FUE hair transplant turkey.