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Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey | Dr. Gokmen Gucer

Dr. Gokmen Gucer was born in Erzurum in 1978. 

He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir. 

He graduated from Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School in 1997 and from Harran University Faculty of Medicine in 2006. He took various trainings at home and abroad and participated in certification programs and has been working only in the field of hair treatments since 2010.


Dr. Gokmen Gucer is considered one of the most famous hair transplant experts in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, where he started his career when he moved from the emergency department where he worked to the hair transplant department in one of the aforementioned hospitals.

I remember well then Dr. Gokmen Gucer when I met him for the first time in a hospital in Istanbul, where he was preparing to perform the first hair transplant operation in January 2010 after he received a pre-training that lasted a whole year.

At that time, Dr. Gokmen Gucer told me that he had entered this field with the aim of achieving success in this field, as a result of his fondness for plastic surgery and hair transplantation, since before he was a doctor he had a delicate sense and an artist of high taste.

Basically, all that a hair transplant needs is art and good taste, and of course the long experience of the doctor.

Time was not enough for Dr. Gokmen Gucer to gain experience in the field of hair transplantation, as his first operation was the spark of a successful launch. An amazing result achieved by Dr. Gokmen Gucer in his first hair transplant operation. The clients started rushing after they saw a natural and realistic result before their eyes, and after the recommendation of the first client of Dr., here his fame started to increase more and more every day.


FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey | Follicle Extraction:

Dr. Gokmen Gucer made her a role model in hair transplant, as he designed a mask divided into equal squares, each square having dimensions of 1 cm2, in order to facilitate the consistent extraction of hair follicles from the donor area behind the ears, unlike all hair transplant doctors and experts at the time, where the extraction was done Randomly, which sometimes leaves inconsistent spaces in the area where the follicles are extracted.

Other than all this, too, in the area of hair follicle extraction, when single, double, triple and quadruple hair follicles are extracted. The technique of the hair follicle extraction mask was also an important factor in arranging these follicles, each one separately, to facilitate the coordination and arrangement of the follicles, and the transplantation of each follicle. In its proper place in the place of baldness.

Until now, Dr. Gokmen Gucer uses this technique in order to give his patients the best result, as he pays attention to the smallest details, as he is always obsessed with his work, while the majority of hair transplant doctors in Istanbul pick hair follicles randomly, so you see Sometimes people have damaged the donor area as a result of the random extraction of follicles at most hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Opening The Channels of The Hair Follicle Transplantation Site:

The stage of opening channels is one of the most important stages of the hair transplant process, where doctor Dr. Gokmen Gucer must take into account several factors in each channel (incision) he makes in the place of baldness, and these factors are:

1- Channel Depth:

The depth of the channel that must be opened must be to a certain extent in the layers of the skin, so that the channel (the incision) does not exceed the layers of the skin, otherwise the nerves under the skin layers will be damaged, and therefore if these nerves are damaged, it will leave a large scar in the place of baldness and then it will not be suitable. To grow hair again. On the other hand, if the channel (the incision) did not reach its limit at the bottom of the skin layers, that is, the depth of the channel was less than what is required, here too the hair follicle will die because it did not reach the right place that the blood is supposed to do its job in feeding the follicles Poetry.

So, it is necessary to open the channel at the right depth in order to make sure that the hair follicle reaches the desired place where it receives nourishment from the blood.

2- Channel Direction:

The direction of opening the channels (slits) is also important in hair design, where the channels must be opened towards the original hair, in each place of the head must have a specific direction and angle that determines the path and direction of the hair when it grows, and thus the direction of the channel contributes to giving a natural appearance for hair.

In particular, let me tell you that the crown area is the most difficult place in the head in terms of knowing the direction of the hair, as it differs from one person to another, but Dr. Gokmen Gucer has enough experience to know the direction of the follicles during the clinical examination before the operation.

Opening the channels in the wrong direction does not contribute to the failure of the growth of the follicle at all but imagine with me that your hair grows in the opposite direction or that some hairs are in one direction and the other in another. Then you will never be able to style your hair, and your hair will become curly due to the overlapping of hair in some of it. Therefore, Dr. Gokmen Gucer always says (the details) we should pay attention to the smallest details.

3- Choosing the Location of The Hair Follicle:

What is meant by choosing the location of the hair follicle? Let me explain to you, dear reader, As I mentioned previously in the technique of extracting hair follicles, Dr. Gokmen Gucer had designed a clipped mask of equal squares to coordinate the extraction of hair follicles, as well as for easy sorting of single, double, triple and quadruple hair follicles, so here what concerns us is sorting the follicles, because we will transplant each bulb in its appropriate place.

Here lies the ingenuity of Dr. Gokmen Gucer in placing each bulb in its appropriate place, and of course this is done by opening the canal in its appropriate place. For example, at the front of the head, the follicles that carry one hair must be implanted, and here the channel must be opened with the ambassador’s pen, in which the pointed head is 0.2 mm wide, because it is the required thickness for a single hair follicle.

The same command is also pronounced when choosing the location of the bulb that bears two hairs, and the ambassador’s pen with a pointed tip, with a width of 0.3 mm, must also be chosen. Follicle thickness. Incidentally, when the channels are opened, the channels are 0.1 mm wider each time the pointed tip is chosen to open the channel, for easy placement of the bulb in place. Therefore, we always ask the patient to be careful about the transplantation area in the first 10 days after the hair transplant procedure at Dr. Gokmen Gucer, in order that the bulb does not come out of the canal, so it takes a week to 10 days for the incisions to heal around the transplanted bulb, so this Ensures that the follicles remain in place.

4- Hair Transplant Consistency in Cm2:

Here, too, I want to refer to the pick-up mask that Dr. Gokmen Gucer invented, as he also used the same technique to open the channels so that the baldness area is divided into equal squares, each square having 1 cm2, in order to ensure the cultivation of the same number of follicles in each cm2.

Here lies the ingenuity of Dr. Gokmen Gucer in his attention to the smallest details, as all hair transplant doctors in Turkey open the channels randomly and theoretically, of course, for the only reason that the use of this technique requires more time and more accuracy, so you may not notice the difference in the pictures of the results of hair transplantation, But if you check more, you will find that there are more hair spots than other spots on the head.

5- Number Of Follicles Per Cm2:

Dr. Gokmen Gucer determines the number of hair follicles, based on several factors:

Natural Hair Density:

Normal hair density varies from person to person, you see people with very high hair density, others with medium density, and others with low density. So, here the natural hair density must be known by examining the hair follicles in an approximate cm2, and then Dr. Gokmen Gucer decides the number of follicles that should be implanted in each cm2.

Minimum and maximum number of follicles per cm2:

Despite all the different cases of hair density in all people, the minimum and maximum number of follicles per cm2 must be taken into account.

That is, it is not necessary to plant less than 15 bulbs per cm2, because if less than this number is planted, the bulbs will disperse and become far from each other, and thus will lose their strength, because they derive their strength from their proximity to each other.

Also, it is not necessary to plant more than 50 bulbs per cm2, because in this case also the bulbs will lose their strength due to the contact that takes place between them, just like the electrical contact when two electrical wires touch each other, here too the bulbs will die.

Here lies the secret in the success or failure of the hair transplantation process, which is condoned by the majority of doctors in Turkey, in order to finish the work quickly. But Dr. Gokmen Gucer, as I mentioned at the beginning, cares about the smallest details.

We have to mention something else here as well:

In the DHI technique, the channels are opened and the follicles are transplanted at the same time. Therefore, this technique gives greater intensity than the technique of opening channels by the Ambassador, and the reason:

Simply, my dear, I mentioned to you that when opening the channels with the Ambassador’s pen, a 0.1 mm increase in thickness is calculated on each follicle, meaning that the follicle that holds one hair and whose thickness is 0.1 mm, must open its channel with a width of 0.2 mm for easy insertion of the bulb later,

As for the DHI technique, since the canal is opened and the follicle is transplanted at the same time, here we do not need this 0.1 mm increase, and therefore we will gain more space for transplanting more follicles.

As for the minimum, the DHI technique also applies, as I mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to plant less than 15 follicles per cm2.

Imagine with me here, all these factors I mentioned to you that Dr. Gokmen Gucer must now take into account in order to get the best and most beautiful result of hair transplantation, you may not find them with most hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

Follow-Up After the Hair Transplant Procedure:

Dr. Gokmen Gucer is always keen on the safety of his work by constantly following up with each person who undergoes hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a very simple procedure for the patient, but for Dr. Gokmen Gucer it is a very big procedure, and care must be taken for every detail always.

Dr. Gokmen Gucer always tells his patients the need to take care of the planting area until they get the desired result, and after they get the result as well, he tells them that the process of hair transplantation is just like planting a tree in the ground, you need to dig the ground to put the tree, just as Dr. Gokmen Gucer opens the canal to place the hair bulb, the tree must also be

placed correctly in the hole and take good care of the tree after planting it, by placing the appropriate fertilizer and irrigating it with clean water periodically, removing weeds, freeing the tree. etc.

Dr. Gokmen Gucer is doing his job to the fullest, always aiming for success and a good reputation.

Dr. Gokmen Gucer, Hair Transplant Before After

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