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Hair Transplant,Restoration,implants and FUE Hair Transplantation Reviews in Turkey

We are writing about hair transplant reviews. ClinMedica has started operating in 2013 as Turkey was at the first peak of its popularity in the field of hair transplantation.

ClinMedica became famous after performing hair transplants for the most prominent Italian artists. as a result; ClinMedica in Italy alone has achieved a huge popularity especially with hair transplant great results that most Italian singers and actors have gained through our services and accordingly started to praise it.

After that, we continued to expand our continuous successe to include many other countries of Europe, such as Spain, Germany and France. This way it has spread to the global level of hair transplantation to cover the other part of the world as the United States of America and then simultaneously to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

ClinMedica provided hair transplantation service to many people.

  • In regard with the last statistics that have been recorded in January 2021, we’ve achieved 51,345 hair transplant operations, only 523 of which were described as ‘partialy failed’.
  • 1,106 hair transplantation operations of 65% were described as  successful.
  • Only 166 out of all the operations have been described as ‘total failure’ among hair transplant surgeries we performed.
  • Regarding the successful operations, It was estimated of about 49,550 hair transplant operations. Which is equivalent to the success of ClinMedica hair transplantation by 82,5%, which is considered the highest percentage compared to the rest of hair transplant clinics in Turkey, whose success rate has reached only 70%, over the course of 8 years of work.

This is what gives ClinMedica the greatest reliability and confidence among the hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Reservation process

The website is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish. You will get a free medical consultation for hair transplant turkey by our medical consultants, through which they provide you with detailed information about the hair transplant or plastic surgery to review. in addition to all of what’s mentioned, the total package cost which is required for each procedure and a price list is available. within our website.

We do the reservation process at ClinMedica quite easily. You will find a large amount of hair transplant  reviews before, after the procedure, and even during the procedure. you can also get to know the ClinMedica team that will take care of you from the first moment you decide to come to Turkey till you undergo the surgery and leave, even moreover for up to one year post the surgery. All you have to do at the beginning is to fill out a simple medical consultation form, which will take no more than a minute.

Although the prices we offer are a bit higher than other hair transplant clinics in Turkey that offer low prices, but ClinMedica always pays attention to the smallest details of the hair transplant procedures that it return brings extra beneficial effects on the result of the surgery and on the patient too, so that minor difference in prices is always for your advantage considering the ultimate professioncy and care for your service.

Medical advice before starting the operation in ClinMedica

We coordinate the entire trip before you even arrive to Turkey, including hotel reservations (as we choose hotels carefully) to provide the greatest comfort to our customers, as well as transportation is guaranteed from the moment the customer arrives to the airport for the surgery till the moment he leaves Turkey, as part of our services to you, reservations can be scheduled for free. Of course taking into consideration the hygienic standards regarding the current circumstances in light of the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

It also includes all the required consultations with the doctor even before starting the surgery and all the necessary analysis to find out the causes of hair loss. That’s what distinguishes us in treating hair loss in addition to the hair transplant itself. The doctor provides advice, instructions, some nutritional supplements and some vitamins that can be prescribed to save the hair from any possibility of future hair loss.

Some things sometimes are out of our control. such as the failure of a person’s hair transplant surgery, but this is not very likely to happen .. Yet we cannot guarantee this 100% as some hair transplant clinics in Turkey claim, since we depend on accredity when it comes to dealing with our clients, we first arrange free consultation of hair transplant for free. We have this matter that indicates it is our sincere intention to guarantee the best service for the client, and this thing is not available at most hair transplant clinics in Turkey, this type of flexibility cant be found anywhere.

Arrival and hotel accommodation in Istanbul

When you arrive, your ClinMedica’s driver will be waiting for you, speaking your language, and this is all will be arranged for you. The driver will accompany you from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave with VIP transfers.

As for hotel accommodation, we are always keen to choose the best hotels with a 5-star rating in order to fit our clients needs of being compatible with the best standards of comfort and convenience. Since our patients often spend 3 nights in this wonderful hotel as part of their treatment journey so that the surgery itself would take place the next morning of their arrival date.

In short .. From the moment your flight lands, everything will be set up for you, this is a comprehensive package and also a special care from ClinMedica for all of its clients. So ClinMedica does not has standard type of packages but the VIP type.

You don’t have to worry about anything when you book your flight trip to Istanbul for having the hair transplant surgery at ClinMedica, just relax and let it all on ClinMedica by coordinating everything for taking care of you at the highest level.

Surgery and doctor’s involvement

After you rest from your trip. The next day, we will take you to the clinic (licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health) in order to perform for you the hair transplant procedure, where the doctor and the nurses will be waiting  you in a very clean and elegant clinic, the doctor then begins drawing the frontal hair line design in respect with the appropriate measurments regarding the facial structure of each individual, also providing all consultations and blood analysis that is needed, the donor area of the hair follicle is determined, and the hair density is measured per each CM2. In addition to all of that, local anesthesia is performed with the latest technology which avoids using any needles and thus experiencing no pain that might form an obstricle for some patients.

The surgery room of the hair transplant procedure is wonderful and well- equipped with latest technogical tools using most advanced methods covering all the aspects that ranges from the surgery itself to air conditioning, music and television inquite and comfort environment that the client can stop in the middle of the procedure to have a break or to have the lunch that we’ve prepared in advance for him (often food is prepared according to the client’s desire).

Nurses form big part when it comes to the hair transplant procedure, they all speak English, and there act as another doctor who keep constantly checking the process to ensure achieving an ideal result. this will give you high levels of medical care all the time.

ClinMedica holds several licenses from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism in Turkey of Class A. Which is the highest license that holds the number 12151.

When anyone comes to ClinMedica, he will feel like he is amongst his family and will love his experience with us very much. Therefore, he will advise everyone who knows him of considering the services of ClinMedica.

That is why at Clinmedica we are always interested in satisfying our customers and providing the best possible hair transplant outcome because we care about our reputation that we have already built over the past years since 2013.


ClinMedica provides all the necessary medications after the procedure as well as aftercare products according to the doctor’s recommendation to ensure that hair does not fall out (non-transplanted hair) and we guarantee the growth of  the implanted follicles by 90%

Aftercare is one of ClinMedica’s priority that most hair transplant clinics in Turkey don’t pay attention to, we provide a complete team dedicated for providing the aftercare services that stay in contact with you for a whole year post the surgery until you get the desired full result, and we have also allocated mobile phone programs. You can download the program for easier communication with Our aftercare team, so you can feel reassured while having peace of mind regarding the whole process of your hair transplantation.

ClinMedica gives priority to the needs of its customers from the beginning of the process, covering all the detailed advice and instructions, to the perfect  package that we offer, so we have covered all the foundations and rules that make our client feel satisfied and confident.

At ClinMedica we always offer our customers the best and strive to achieve the maximum comfort for them on 24 hours basis. we always fulfill our promise to the clients and that’s all what we cared about over the past years. ClinMedica has succeeded in gaining the trust of customers in America, Europe,the United Kingdom and even the whole world.

ClinMedica has received a lot of written and visual reviews from all our valued customers. As most of Clinmedica’s clients seek our services based on our previous clients ’recommendations that their percentage has exceeded 70% of the total number of ClinMedica clients. Thus, ClinMedica does not pay money for advertisements through the Google or Facebook platform and others, whereas the rest of the companies pay for.

Hair Transplantation Reviews on ClinMedica in Turkey 

Most of times, some of the people who want to buy a specific product or service from any online store, first they check the website and make sure that bussiness is authentic to make sure that place from which they will buy the service or product is real , thus the first thing everyone searches for is the reviews of former customers to have an idea about what they might get or face so that they get their perspective and of course the reviews is the most reliable source for that, so regrding that our client reviews will let you know all about us.

Whether positive or negative perception of reviews of our previous customers, you may find in some places a variation in hair transplantation reviews ranges between negative reviews, positive reviews and medium reviews. this raises some confusion and anxiety for some customers, but this is normal because no person nor any company can gain the complete satisfaction of Customers .

Yet you still cannot completely judge a company or store through the hair of istanbul reviews on the website. because these positive reviews that’s related to hair transplant of istanbul reviews can simply be deceived by the company itself or vice versa through negative reviews that may often be sourced from third part who is often the competitor for this company or this store. this is called dishonest competition, which is based on destroying competitors’ reputation to stay in the market

Unfortunately, here in Turkey, when we talk about the best hair transplant in turkey reviews, we are talking about a competition that may reach 1000 medical companies, many of which are not licensed and operate without even a permition, and they try hard to destroy competitors by various means and methods.


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