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Dental Treatment in Turkey

The most important factor that helps a person’s smile gain an aesthetic appearance is the teeth. Elements that look healthy and blemish

It not only helps to create a pleasant smile, but also provides the opportunity to maintain the health of the mouth area at a high level.

In some cases that occur in the teeth, physicians may prefer empress (porcelain) teeth as a treatment method. In these cases, it is extremely easy for people to have an aesthetic smile. So, what are the details of aesthetic dental treatment if recommended by physicians?

Here are the curiosities about Empress dental treatment in Turkey

What is Empress Teeth and In Which Situations Can It Be Applied?

Empress tooth is a kind of porcelain tooth prepared by applying glass ceramic on a crystalline ceramic background. Although metal is not used, its durability has been increased and can be used easily. Not using metal prevents a purple appearance on the floor and provides a very natural result. Full porcelain treatment; over time, drugs, fluor, etc. It can be used in color changes caused by factors, canal treated teeth where it is difficult to get results with whitening, congenital deformities, intermittent teeth and smile design applications.

Which Teeth Are Empress Applied To, Which Teeth Not Applied?

Empress porcelain dental treatment; It can be applied in anterior region incisors, premolars and single tooth deficiencies in this region. It is not used in posterior molars and more than one consecutive missing tooth, and in these cases, zirconium teeth that provide higher durability are applied.

What Kind of Treatment Process Should Be Taken for Empress Porcelain Teeth?

In the first stage, photographs and measurements are taken in the face and mouth. Smile design is performed with the mock up method and it is seen how it will look after the treatment. Afterwards, the teeth are abraded by 2 mm and the new teeth are re-measured. In this process, temporary teeth are made in order to keep the quality of daily life the same, and permanent teeth are prepared in the laboratory. When the production process of new teeth is completed, permanent teeth are removed and new teeth are placed and empress porcelain dental treatment is concluded.

Other Questions About Empress Porcelain Teeth

In the porcelain dental treatment, which lasts an average of 45 minutes, one can return to normal life immediately after permanent bonding is achieved. Empress teeth, which should be applied in the same way as normal teeth care, do not cause problems such as decay as they are fully compatible with the gingiva and structure. Empress teeth, which are attached to the teeth with expertise and thus prevent the problem of decay, impact etc. that can damage the teeth. does not break unless circumstances occur. Porcelain teeth, which fit perfectly with the inside of the mouth, do not smell.

Dental Treatment in Turkey | Before and After Results

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