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Argon Plasma Liposuction in Turkey

Using argon gas and plasma energy, argon plasma aesthetics gathers the sagging arm skin after liposuction. As a result, you can have the appearance of your dreams. The apparatus used here uses pressurized argon gas to focus radiofrequency radiation to a boron cannula.Similar to how a cannula used for liposuction is manipulated. Small areas of the subcutaneous collagen matrix are soon heated to 85 degrees. As a result, it allows the collagen to contract strongly in a matter of seconds. This contributes to a 40–50% reduction in fiber length.Over the course of a year, skin tone also tends to get better as new collagen grows in the tissue. According to research and studies on the topic, the Argon plasma liposuction procedure can reduce the skin’s surface area by up to 36%.To help you attain the outcomes you want from this treatment, Esteaura blends expertise and technology. As a result, you can get greater outcomes and feel even more attractive.

Is Argon Plasma Liposuction Safe and Reliable?

These appliances use argon plasma to heat a specific area. Because of this, the process is carried out in a small, brief area rather than a large one. Therefore, it offers more than just quick results. It also has a solid framework.The tissue around the treatment area remains at significantly colder temperatures than mass tissue heating does. According to clinical measurements, the typical treatment site’s skin temperature reaches about 38 degrees Celsius.Because of this, argon plasma technology has exceptional cooling and heating capabilities.

Target Areas For Liposuction

1. Upper arms,

2. The inner parts of the legs,

3. Hip area,

4. Chest area,

5. Face, neck and chin area,

6. Abdomen and waist region

How Is Argon Plasma Liposuction is performed and applied?

Those considering liposuction may question what Argon plasma is and how it works. These procedures are performed right away after degreasing. As a result, the patient is still laying on the examination table.Through the incisions made for the liposuction cannula, the instrument is entered many times and slowly removed. These are used at various depths to cause noticeable soft tissue and skin spasms that can be observed 24 hours after treatment.

What happens exactly during Argon Plasma Liposuction?

While you are still unconscious and on the operating table following your liposuction operation, the therapy is administered. The incisions made for the liposuction cannula are used to repeatedly insert and progressively remove the device. These’strokes’ are applied at various depths to cause considerable soft tissue and skin contraction that will be noticeable within 24 hours following treatment.

Results of Argon Plasma Liposuction

The shape and flexibility of skin and soft tissue are significantly improved when liposuction is coupled with argon plasma-driven radiofrequency energy. Improvement can be noticed as soon as the next day, but tissue contraction truly starts to show up three months after surgery and lasts for at least a year.

The patient’s commitment to aftercare, which includes donning compression garments per your surgeon’s instructions, is necessary for the best possible results. This is essential if you want to have the smooth contour you want.

Techniques and Methods Used in Argon Plasma Lipsuction

1. SAL: A liquid combination is injected into the area where the fat is to be removed during Vacuum Assisted Liposuction operations. Prior to processing, this is presented. Then, either local or general anesthetic is used. Through the 2 mm incisions created into the area, 3 mm diameter cannulas are inserted to access the area. As a result, the procedure is finished.

2. PAL: In Power Assisted Liposuction operations, a huge area of fat is removed utilizing specially made cannulas.

3. Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) makes sure that the skin, which must be heated with a laser after fat is removed using the traditional vacuuming method, stays more taut. As a result, it offers a tighter and more tense framework.

4. UAL: Ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasonic sound waves to remove fat cells from the body. It can be finished quickly without causing any harm to the nearby tissues.

5. WAL: Water is injected under the skin during Water Assisted Liposuction in order to mix the fats. Cannulas make it simpler to absorb as a result.

Who Can Benefit From Argon Plasma Liposuction

Argon plasma liposuction treatments are advantageous for anyone undergoing fat removal therapy. Prior to use, it is evaluated and used appropriately by doctors with specialized training. The apparatus used in the argon therapy enhances the effectiveness of liposuction. It provides youthful and taut body lines as a result. These trades involve

1- Abdomen

2. Side elements,

3. Legs,

4. Knees,

5. The shoulders,

6. Bra creases,

7. The neck and lower face can also benefit from its use.

Additionally, if the need for skin contraction is less than 33 percent, post-bariatric patients can be treated. Some progress can be seen in the case of Diastasis Recti, or the separation of the abdominal muscles. In addition, ladies who want to recover their bodies after giving birth might use argon plasma liposuction.In addition, it can be applied during breast lift operations to considerably enhance the breast tissue and skin. As a result, the tone and texture of the breast area can appear younger. The precise applications, though, fall within the parameters of medical approval.