Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery in Turkey

Butt erecting or gluteal lift operations should be planned considering the compatibility of the butt with the waist and leg. Back, waist, butt, and hip anatomy are evaluated as a whole. Most of the time, the hip and waist area with the VASER method to remove fat in the butt region provides a sufficient lifting effect.

Brazilian Butt  or BBL Aesthetics surgery performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1.5-2 hours. It is usually applied together with VASER liposuction. It is recommended to wear a corset for the first 2 weeks after surgery.

The patient may return to his / her daily work after 3 days or travel by plane. Since there is no chance of getting enough volume of fat in extremely weak people, butt enlargement and lifting operations are performed with butt prosthesis.

The prosthesis used in Butt Aesthetics contains silicone gel wrapped in an envelope. Since the incision is made from the fold, there is no visible scar. The butt aesthetic operation with the butt prosthesis takes about 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. Postoperative hospital stay is 1 day. After 5 days you can return to work or travel by plane.

As a result of weight gain and loss, especially in patients who have undergone tube stomach soft tissue in the buttock drops, buttocks and legs are sagging. In these patients, an operation on the inner legs and back with the butt.

Buttock augmentation operation for Brazilian Butt BBL

Some women face a problem with the size of their buttocks, some of them suffer from thin, weak, or flat and sagging buttocks, which weakens their confidence in themselves and their femininity, and from this point of view began thinking about finding possible cosmetic solutions to eliminate this problem, and then get the Brazilian butt that many wish for Women whose buttocks are round and proportionate, indicating health and beauty.

Butt enlargement surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that give consistency to the shape of the body and the slender texture that some women desire, and it is done through the surgical method using silicone fillers, or by several non-surgical cosmetic methods such as the use of filler, collagen, and autologous fat injections.

If you underwent buttock augmentation with fat injection, which is the most common and popular when performing this operation, you should know that the desired final results appear a year after the procedure, because the body takes time to form new blood vessels and integrate the fat that was injected with the existing buttock fat, and there are risks for this procedure. It is a blood clot, a change in sensation, and a blockage of blood vessels when fat is released into the bloodstream.

Finally, if you decide to go through the experience of the buttock augmentation process, you should know well that the required recovery period after this operation may extend for some time, up to 3 weeks, in which you cannot sit or lie on your back, and your daily life tasks during this period will stop completely.

The motives of women for butt augmentation surgery

  • Desire to increase the size and lift the buttocks.
  • The desire to have a toned body.
  • Desire to improve external appearance and increase self-confidence.
  • Desire to follow the latest trends in the world of beauty for women.

How much time needed for recovery?

From 1-2 weeks

Do not sit for long periods of time during this period, as sitting directly on the new fat grafts can cause harm and may lead to bad results or complications.

If you need to sit for longer periods of time, move around frequently and use a nice and soft pillow under the upper thighs, or use a medical pillow while making sure to sleep on your stomach or side.

During these first two weeks, some slight swelling and discomfort are normal, and it is possible to control the pain with analgesics and continue to wear pressure clothing for the operation to keep the swelling to a minimum while preventing the accumulation of dangerous fluids under the skin.

The third week

It is possible to return to work during the third week in the event that sitting for long periods of time is not required, but if office work is preferable to complete the full recovery periods first, taking care to add some light cardiovascular activities to the exercise routine.

From 4-5 weeks

By the fourth week, it is safe to sit again, but you still need to be mindful of what you are sitting on and how long you have been in a particular position. Long sitting sessions should be on a soft and gentle pillow, you can also start adding more difficult and strenuous exercises to your activity regime, While continuing to relax and sleep on your stomach as much as possible.

Weeks 6-8

During this period, you will return to work and carry out daily tasks, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in order to greatly aid in recovery.

It is important that you continue the healthy lifestyle choices you initiated in preparing for a butt lift or buttock augmentation, including proper nutrition and hydration, as well as a good level of regular physical activity.

It should be noted that once you have completely healed from the procedure, the fat that was transferred to your bottom will behave in the same way as the fat all over your body.

The best way to maintain the results of your buttock augmentation surgery is to take care of yourself with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Brazilian Butt BBL Before and After Results